I have a few ideas to the game

Red wagon and shopping cart: The old red wagons that kids usually used to transport stuff back in the day and shopping carts. They can be used to transport stuff, however when steering any of these you can only use a pistol/handgun but if you have teammates they could protect you. This would make it so players make their own missions to do. And so players don’t use these as storage at their base, you could make it so they respawn everytime you exit the game and if they had loot in them it will disappear.

Realistic mode: So this is my favorite. I think generation zero could use a bit more of a challenge for the more experienced players. There could be so you don’t have health but instead there will be a silhouette of a human body in the corner and if you get in the head once…you die, if you get hit in 1 arm you can’t use primary weapons but still pistol and meds and such. If you get hit in both arms…well you can’t do anything with your arms. If you get hit in the stomach you just take damage like usual, but if you get hit in 1 leg you can’t run, and if you get hit in both you can only crawl. (imagine then if we could drag our downed teammates to safety). You only get 1 shot in the head but to die with the other parts of the body you need to get hit a bit more. If you don’t heal quickly, you will start to bleed to death. The silhouette will indicate if you get hit in a certain part of the body. You can’t use skills or adrenaline shots. But you can always lockpick though the lockpick has a chance to break. In this mode, food would be awesome. Also i think the weight should be reduced in this mode, to make it more realistic. Also when using bigger guns like the pvg you take a bit of damage since its really hard to control a weapon in real life. Since they are teenegers, make it so there will be less control when firing a weapon since it’s tough.

Dogs: Man’s best friend. To be able to tame a dog or claim it you need the right skill. When you have tamed it and it has a friendship meter, this goes up the nicer you are to it for example; give it food, pet it, play with it. But this goes down if it gets hit by an explosion or bullet. Though make it so you can’t kill it because i think people might be cruel to dogs with gas and stuff and it would be horrible, just make it so the friendship meter goes down. Anyways the friendship meter is basically a level for the dog and it has skill points. Maybe you teach him to locate food, ammo or weapons? But to balance it, the dog will bark when it has found something and you have to pet it to make it go quiet. It could have a stamina bar so it has to rest sometimes meaning that you have to find a safeplace. But this could also be leveled up. It could also carry a small amount if you find a dog backpack, here you can put stuff as long as it’s not too heavy, but you can level up the dog’s strength. Overall I think a dog would be awesome, but to make it so people don’t overuse them you can only have 1 at a time.

ATV: I have heard from many that more vehicles are needed and I know why cars aren’t a thing, it would be too much. But I’m thinking an ATV would work great. It will be noisy so it will lure enemies to it, but it will be faster. You can fuel it near a fueling station and what I think would be great is that you could use the fuel cells that some machines drop, to get extra fuel, for example a small fuel cell will give you a tiny amount of fuel while a large one will give more. Though to balance it out a bit, machines can destroy an ATV and if you have fuel cells on and a machine hits it, it will explode! And what I think could be fun is if 2 players could mount it. 1 drives it, 1 shoots, like that would be so much fun.

Base flag: The base building in this game is insane! I love it so much. Though i think most of everyone’s bases look pretty similar so i got this idea. When you complete homebase defense on hard difficulty you have a chance of getting a homebase flag (you can only have 1, this is to prevent people from over using this), with it you can place it down and build around it. Just imagine the possibilities when you like, build your homebase in a house and barricade the windows and such. This will make it feel more like a home.

Food: I think food would be a great addition to generation zero. This will encourage people to loot more and have a purpose. Adding a fridge which you can place in your homebase to store food. Maybe a steak gives a lot of food but will spoil pretty quick but a can of beans gives you a little bit of food but takes longer to spoil. I thought about water as well but I think it would be too hard and too much but maybe you can figure something out.

Extra game slot:
With this you could have 2 game slots if you want to mix it up a bit. Maybe since if you for example play on a harder difficulty on 1 and one with more adventure to it.

Destructible environment: Imagine how cool it would be if you hid in a small shed and then rockets from a tank would just obliterate the shed. I think it would be cool to maybe explode trees so they fall on machines and stuff. Though to avoid destroying the whole world and then regret it everything will get back to normal when you exit the game. But just imagine the possibilities. Like you and your friends are hiding in a barn and a tank just ram into the wall, it would be so scary.

Destructible robots: To make this simple if you for example destroy a hunter’s legs it will still try to crawl towards you until it’s fully dead, like how crazy and scary wouldn’t that be?

Will only comment on a phew things
ATV:s what i know wherent in Sweden 1989 and a motorcykle whould be more accurate
A dog wont do anything against tall armoured war machines with gas and flamethrowers
Base flag, i am strongly against having a multiple sets of buildable flags, we only need in my opinion a Swedish and the resistance flag
Food is something i think the devs didnt want in the game, i could be wrong
And not to be rude but it feels like you are wanting this game to be more like Fallout or DayZ with all of these things.

Oh, I think you misunterstood.
He wants a buildable (resistance) flag as reward for the hard base defence missions that gives you the ability to build this flag anywhere. It will grant a limited buildspace at the place you built it, so that you are able to make for example a bunker or you’re favorite house or even a toilette to a second homebase you are able to defend against small waves.
I like this idea. The others I don’t like.

thanks, i see that now.