I have a mission bug!


Ill try to take the key under the flower! On Lilia!
But its bugged! I cant take the key to open the door!
Nothing helped me!
Veryfied game data…not working
restart the game…not working.
switch between the safehouses… not working!
How i can finish the game with this problem?


Heyo, welcome to the forums!

Thanks for the report. That pesky key is a known bug, and it’s being looked into by the devs. The big focus of the June update is to work on mission related bugs, so just hang in there :slight_smile:


Nice! I have 3.missions that not work correctly.
One mission loud and clearly did not work aswell.
I have to destroy the tick to use the walkitalky on the police car.
But the walky cant be used…
I cannot play the game to the end.
On the other side my friend did this task without hussle.
So idk why i have this troubble