I have an update idea

The update would be relatively small and work as something just for people to enjoy but all in all I think it would be a nice idea. The idea is that it would be a W.weapon S.skin O.overhaul and all you would do is add in a large variety of new and themed skins whenever you release something new or just get a good idea for a weapon skin. This would allow some of the players who love skins but think there are to little to actually be satisfied to satisfy their craving as well as just let people know that your still working on things. Also just because my friend is frustrated id suggest increasing the mosin drop rates because he has been getting frustrated but also the overhaul would be a good way to change up skins you dont like how they turned out

Translation to English please?
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You should better look at the beautiful world than on your skinned gun.
Play paint, there you have as many skins as you want.

Sorry, didn’t want to get that offending, if you call it that… In my eyes the skins-thing is the badest descition they took so far. What a useless crap.

With the dlc-gun drop rates I agree.

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Hey, be nice. A lot of time and effort have gone into making those skins. Even if you don’t appreciate them, please don’t disrespect their make.


Yes, of course. Art is art and everyone has a different taste. But the same sentence counts for a longer sitting on the restroom. “Look at this shit, it took a lot of time and effort.” :sweat_smile:

Do you understand what I mean?
Another example: I could write a book about the alphabet by hand. 500 pages, small letters, repeatingly from a to z, maybe even with different pencils in different colors on each page. At the end I spent a lot of time and effort for doing this. Maybe some will be interested, because it helps them learning the alphabet (oh, bad comparison, it has a use). But finally no one would mind if I just would throw it into the bin before releasing it, because there already are books about the alphabet. Oh, wait, maybe my wife would mind it. She would say: you spent a lot of time and effort into this, but now it’s wasted.

What I can say is, that most of them are really good made.
But in the end it’s just a skin. There is a sample texture-file for each gun which can easily be edited to get a new texture. But what it adds to the game is nothing of use. Instead there is just more code which could cause issues and just another item for the loot-pool. Btw, until now I didn’t find/get a single skin of the new free ones.

Instead of making weapon skins the artists could improve some models and animations of existing weapons, like the bow.
Have you ever seen another player (in coop) aiming with the bow into the sky? No? It’s not because no one does it. It’s because there is obviously no animation for aiming up and down.

And don’t say “but skins produce money to support the devs.” The bow, as example, is part of a dlc weapon pack that produces money, too.
And adding all newly released dlc-skins to the existing pack doesn’t even produce more money.

Sorry to be that harsh, but that’s just a true and honestly spoken out opinion and a legal critics at one descition.


Hqhhahahahah, I like this one