I have done 76 missions (main + side). Is is the end?

My last mission was escaping from RO Fabric which pointed to fredrik holberg.

I think i don’t have any dlcs not including free ones

What was the mission titled? As the last base game mission is called, “Behind the Curtain”.

Yes RO accounting office east mission “A wrench in the works” Is a bunker warboard mission In the mountains but as said isnt the end mission

I have polish names and don’t know what is exact mission name in english.

How much missions base game have to offer + side?

36 Main missions, and 48 side missions. That is 84 total. For base game.

Also all missions can be found on the wiki here:https://generation-zero.fandom.com/wiki/Missions

All of these can be found by exploring?

Yes, all side missions are found throughout the world, Main missions are just following the main missions.