I have found a way to farm ammo in 1.05


I am making a video on it as usual, keep your eyes on this thread if you have had any issues with finding things like;
1; ammo
2; medkits
3; adrenaline
4; ammo boxes


:grinning: sounds so cool would love to see that


i have a way to farm loot. if you join my game and drop all your stuff i will tell you what it is.


I can see it now. @tene launches his loot farming video. Devs see it and see it’s not intended behaviour. Drop bug fixes for June update to make balance changes so you can’t farm loot in that way any more…


At first I was complaining about recent changes in looting, but at the moment I have 2600+ 5,56 AP and 500+ .50 AP… and I’m happy with that :hugs:


well i havent produced those kinds of results @0L0 but i have the method together and the video is rendering :slight_smile: due to the massive time sink it requires i dont think the devs will nerf this as it is in no way op, but is good for keeping everything in stock. currently have 1113 rounds of 7.62 after playing for 3 hours in total. spent 2 hours waiting for loot to respawn but the route still covers all of the things so if you have 2 hours to play, everytime you play, then things shouldn’t be an issue


But if you have to spend 2+ hours farming loot in order to be able to play the game, I would say that is a strong indication that the balance of the game is seriously off.

That said, please don’t take that as a criticism of what you’re doing. I actually enjoy your videos and will likely watch this one as well.


Yes my dude im actually frustrated its taken this long as now i have to get ready and go to work and you know live my life lol i sincerely hope the developers can see this thread maybe in specific if @Carniv0re could maybe send the amount of time through for the loot resawpn maybe… because this is harsh.
And don’t worry at all man! The only thing that bums me out is seeing the game i love get jerked around like this for everyone, hence why i try adamantly to find ways around it :smiling_imp:


Getting a little miffed about deaths and adrenaline/ other stuff

Glad to see there were no glitches involved, that was one of my worries initially seeing this thread :slight_smile: Just a tutorial on some good loot spots to hit. Thanks for sharing tene!


I’m at work right now but will be watching when I get home.


sorry but i’m a little confused
are you saying that you fast travel between the bunkers and loot there are does your method involve walking from bunker to bunker for 2 hours? you mentioned coming back in an hour at 0:45 but it takes 4 for the boxes to refill.


its 4 in game hours, and i came back in two hours. and yes i did plan to come back in an hour but i got side tracked while playing/recording.


nice video mate , will be following you for sure :smiley:


Well then this plan wont work for me because it takes 4 real life hours for my boxes to refill. But nice job👍


So clear bunkers, run around in the world, return to bunkers. Nice vid


Yes a very simple rinse and repeat process, its really easy to maintain if you do have the time to spare :slight_smile: