I Have No Missions to Do


Hi guys, I seem to be stuck. For a while I didn’t bother with any missions, I was too busy exploring the landscape and looking for cool weapons. By the time I started doing Missions again, I had most of the bunkers, and finished off the rest and the missions rthat came from them. So. Done all the bunkers.

I have no new missions. I have no missions at all.

Haven’t been ordered back to the Army Depot, although I’ve been to chummy’s house and picked up his keys or his card or something, and I know there is at least one more Radio Mast I haven’t done, but no one has told me to go and kill the inevitable tick. The last mission I did was the radio mast at Normyra. I have nowhere to go!

Thoughts? Should I go back to the Base and see whether I can get in now, or should I go and free the Radio Mast? What do we think?


If you want side missions then exploring houses and farms at random is a good source of finding those. Check ansaphones, notes stuck on fridge doors, letters on tables and desks, computers, that kind of thing.


Yes, but I’m just getting close to the denouement and I have nowhere to go! Where does the main story pick up again? In a random farmhouse?


For a lack of better things to do, I’m taking a bicycle trip from south to north, visiting all the safe houses with a new character. And later I might take this bicycle route as well:

Bike route by 0L0

I’m still bummed you can’t repeat the missions. :thinking:


I can’t finish the missions! I don’t know what happens. Story is not over, but I’m missionless.


The bunkers should provide the main missions. Lots of them.


I’ve had them disappear on me a few times. usually main missions would come back by visiting war boards and side missions were lost. I believe that the side missions I lost can be picked up again after the last update but have not played enough lately to fully test it. you might need to check the wiki and compare the missions listed there with what you have to find out what to look out for. https://generation-zero.fandom.com/wiki/Missions


I lost the Out Hiking mission with the September update but was able to restart it.

Going back to the warboards to see if the missions are offered again is a good suggestion.


Odd thing happened - after the September update I went to the last bunker and after I finished those missions, all the bunkers were back as missions (The Bunker Network, or whatever). Since the safehouses in every bunker were still active, i fast-travelled to every bunker and interacted with the warboard, and all the warboards were in black and white and no missions (as if they were all done).

So now the Bunker network Mission is marked as finished, and I have no active missions. I was thinking of going back to the Army Depot and seeing whether I could now get into the underground part. But that’s all I can think of…