I like the game


I really like GZ.

I appreciate the game atmosphere, like a lot of players already said, the photographic scenery, the mood, and the game concept opposing machines rather than bandits, animals or zombies. I like its community as well (could not say the same about some other games forums I tried).

I like the game even if it is in a clearly unfinished state, lots of bugs and the balancing is changing with each release: more or less explosion damage, more or less loot, more or less foes, a new vehicle changing the travel speed etc. Maybe because I played several early access games and I like playing in an evolving environment.

All this make the game world not deterministic and surprising. This means you should fight against the machine enemies, but also against the glitches like bot clipping through walls, terrain holes, crashes. I accept the bugs like an unusual or even magical event. Diving into world a hole within an infinite underwater loop makes me laugh. Even a walking slowdown or a crash could be seen as a personal accident like a sudden temporary character failure or illness. Even if I cannot finish some quests because broken for me. I guess our life in the real world is in fact indeterministic as well.

(Playing solo only, frequently saving files between missions, level 25 now.)

I understand you will not agree with me, as you have not the same way of playing, not the same experience and skill, and different expectations from the game.

However I wanted to write this. And I apologize for my clunky English.


I like the game as well.