I lost all of my save houses expect 9, i had like 100

I belive there was a new update cuz there is a new sidemission and so i think this update removed all of my safe houses expect for 9. Im on Playstation 5. I tried re-installing and downloading an older save file but nothing helps. Please help i dont know what to do.

Theres nothing you can do, its a known issue from the PS side of things. And from what i can tell, its difficult to reproduce.

So im stuck with only 9 safe houses forever now? :frowning:

You can go regain them, but from what ive seen in reports theyll eventually get lost again.

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Yes, that’s it.
I’m living with it since Landfall update early 2022.
See it as challenge. And think about the additional XP you gain for unlocking them again.

Have you already found all the photos at the safehouses? If not, you now have another reason to look for them.

Wow thats insane, why hasnt this been fixed yet

You cannot fix what you cannot see.

If you don’t know what the reasons are, you cannot remove or fix them.

That’s why it’s so important to describe all the circumstances of when it happened.

so devs are aware of this but dont know how to fix? Btw someone told me if i go to a friends world and quicktravel to all safehouses it unlocks all of the houses for you map too again, dont know of this is true tho.

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