Safehouses are gone

Most of my safehouses are gone.
XBox 1

I’m also having the same issue.

same here and im on ps4

Several safehuses went missing.

Was enjoying some landfall update content when I notised that JanErik lighthouse safehouse was not showing up on my map so I went there and unlocked it again.

continued playing for a while, quit to make a backup of the savefile and logged on with a different caracter. somehow I ended up in the farmlands at Bo bruk and ” safehouse unlocked” popped up.

Now the freakshow started, I would say that 50% of the safehouses are missing. mostly farmlands but all over the map…

all safehouses have been unlocked for close to 2 years.

allways made sure to save before quit to menu by interacting with the plundra.

Edit: update. restarted and this time I spawned at the very first safehouse.

At startup ”safehouse unlocked appears aprox. 10 times and I have the bunkers and some other random safehouses but most are gone.

FT to pärlsjön and grabbed the surrounding ones, from påskallaholm to the airport. restarted to check if they where still around. they where not and this time Pärlsjön had dissappeared aswell.

So the game does NOT save safehouses except the bunkers and a few other ”randoms”.

Before landfall I had 100% completetion of the game, I’ve done it all!

Platform: ps4

Description: se above

Steps To Reproduce: not sure

Images / Videos: na

**Host or Client:**sp

Players in your game: 1, me

**Specifications:**regular ps4

The exactly same thing happend to me yesterday after the hotfix! Got things going again??

**Platform: Ps4

**Description: after landfall release most of my safe houses dissapeared even the ones i reunlocked

**Steps To Reproduce: just log in to play

**Images / Videos: n/a

**Host or Client: host

**Players in your game: solo

**Specifications: first log in after landfall all ok next log in 90% safe houses gone i reclaimed some of the most used but in no time they to are removed again and on initial log in a stream of safe house unlocked appear first translusant then turn solid but appears to struggle to do so

Exactly same here!! Logged on after the hotfix…

Moved to thread covering the issue.


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I suspect this happens on ”old” savefiles, from what I understand, and PS4 mainly?

Our safehouses are missing too. Not every one of them, but a lot.
We Unlocked yesterday new ones and they are not on the map. What is goin’ on?


Now most of my safehouses are gone, too. :flushed:
Just 16 left. And… When I startet my game a few minutes ago there came multiple messages “safehouse unlocked”.

Edit 1:
I quit the game and restartet it… Now there are just 11 safehouses left. :pleading_face:

Edit 2:
Ahhh. And ALL locations are gone.

Edit 3:
I downloaded the newest safe-file from the cloud backup of ps5… Now everything looks fine again.

That was probably scarier than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre… :eyes:
I haven’t had that yet myself, but I have many game saves saved just in case.

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So do I, but that didn`t work.

Today me and my friend had the same again and now I’m sure…


Don’t visit Karl-Erik lighthouse!!!

It’s actually the only savehouse which is gone in my game. Happened after landfall update. The day after unlocking it again, almost all of my savehouses and all locations were gone. This happened twice for me and once for my friend.

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Sorry for double-posting,

But it happend again… Without traveleing to Karl-Erik lighthouse. Almost all safehouses are gone. Every time I fast-travel, I get multiple messages that a new safehouse was unlocked.

Now I don’t know what I did wrong.
Even downloading a backup from the cloud doesn’t help any more.

This time all other locations are still present…but there are just 17 safehouses left + my homebase.

Edit: seems a bit like the still existing safehouses could be mission-related ones (i.e. all command-bunkers are still there).

Just a little update:

I recaptured the safehouses in the starting region after it happened, saved and took a look at it yesterday.

Two ones of the recaptured safehouses are again gone. Yesterday I recaptured some in the farmlands. I will take a look today what happens this time.

There are still multiple messages that I "unlocked a safehouse on game start.

Btw, yesterday I used my 3rd character (to get the xp of recapturing the safehouses) and I" was able" to unlock the airfield safehouse 3 times (and got the xp for that 3 times).

Somehow it’s a bit funny… Like a feature. The machines seem to get control of a region again and I have to recapture it. :woozy_face:

But this time I indeed would like to have a faster vehicle than just the bike. :laughing:

Ah one more thing. It seems that I lost a skillpoint, too. Two days ago I earned one for level 10 and spent it on first level of carry weight. Yesterday, when I became level 11, this skill was gone… And the skillpoint as well. I spent the new one again on carry weight and will see what happens today.

So, got some response from todays livestream that the devs are aware of this issue and are working on it… Good news!

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Working on it that it will not happen again or that the disappeared safehouses are there again, too?

I have no idea. I think we’ll just have to wait and see, my guess is that we will have to ”unlock” them again manually.

That is what I’ve done since it happens. I just finished archipelago and farmlands. Just two safehouse got lost again since I startet recapturing them…