I lost my account after my power went out

I was playing generation zero and my power went out. After an hour of waiting it came back on and i got on gen zero and it would not let me pass my screen to delete my save file. have over 113 hrs on the game and had 4 accounts feeding into 1, a lvl 31 and a 22 the others were storage. I had been grinding on my map and had 22 rivals across my map and my field area level was 17 and double digits for all my other regions. I was hoping it would only no save my last multiplayer session so i just clicked the okay button and here we are. all that time i poured into a game that i genuinely enjoyed gone. my only option now is a new game and maaaaan…This may have killed it for me. Imma send a ticket if i can but…this really killed my mood. I was SOLD OUT for this game. sold out…

Sorry to hear you lost your save due blackout, unfortunate side effect on game where is auto-save feature. :frowning_face:
You didn’t specify what platform you are on. This help discussion is for PC users.

Ouch! How miserable. If you’re on PC, copy your save file with a different name frequently… Mind you, I want to have two savegames running concurrently - one with all my progress and another to go back and start again. I shall have to be careful juggling them. Good reminder, actually: I need to resave my save file, since I haven’t done so since i got the EX .50! We all feel for you.

Oh man… After I have read for the first time about missing save files (few months ago) I am doing backups every day (after or before my game session).