I love this game, but

I freakin LOVE this game, but god damn does it need more content. There’s only 6 enemy types, there’s not enough weapon variation, weapon modding is lacking, not to mention weapon mods themselves are lacking. Like, why not have affixes for them like some clothing items do, like a barrel extension could have its regular bonus of bullet velocity, but also have a bonus to damage or handling. Also, the world feels so dead, there needs to be NPC’s in the world that the player can have dialog with. Random encounters would be great too. There’s just too much empty space in the world. Anyway that’s my rant, but this game just leaves so much to be desired. These guys have a game with SO MUCH POTENTIAL, but I feel that it’s just going to be wasted. I feel like the studio has pretty much moved in from this game and put their efforts into whatever that dinosaur game is. So sad :frowning:

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I mostly agree with you.

  • It takes forever for them to update the game
  • They don´t test it well enough (casually introduce bugs with new updates)
  • Lacking weapons customization
  • Few machines types
  • Random encounters with NPC´s fighting machines would be awesome
  • The game has a lot of potential

Second Extinction was not made by the same persons.
I might sound harsh, but if those persons had been added to the GZ team instead of working on a weird and kinda mediocre generic game, Generation Zero by now would be a better game, with the map completely revamped (updated), with more content and with less bugs.

@IncredibleJawLine The Gz team did not abandoned the game, they have plans, but they take a lot of time to introduce and update things, at a snail pace.

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As Mr_A said. The second Extinction team is completely separate from the GZ team. But both are apart of Systemic Reaction, an Avalanche Studios group. I agree with a lot of the points said here. I would love to see new machines. Unfortunately adding a entirely new machine from scratch takes a lot of time. With the idea being made, models done, and A.I made usable. Along with spawns and loot tables. As for weapon mods. I would love to see an underbarrel option. Such as grips. The world part I can kinda agree with. The vast world can give a feeling of loneliness that can be very good. But as pointed out, it can feel boring at times. My hopes with the revamps is that it will make the world more interesting to move through. And I think more update testing would be great to have. As each update adds bugs and removes them. Some testing could drop the added ones.

Guys… Please…

I was a fan of GenZero in 2019, I had high hopes for GenZero in 2020 (first half at least). But moved on already. They won’t make it into something like Tarkov, Scum, DayZ, Division etc… they don’t have capabilities, vision, experience etc… for this, nor they ever planned to. Gen Zero is a shallow game for children with nice graphics and that’s it. Only reason it attracted such audience is because of 80s nostalgia setting.

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For me it wasn’t just 80s nostalgia actually. I love GZ because of the robots and the world. If you dont like it then dont moan on the forums, because it’s a waste of your time and most people won’t care to be honest. It’s your opinion, but the majority of people on the forums love gz, and your post above is not going to change that.


It’s funny you say that…
If you checked the forums there is mostly moaning about how shallow this game is for the last 1.5 year at least and still going lol. This thread including

Generation Zero is a marvellous game. I really mean that. The thing is IMHO that as it developed and progressed, it did so in a way and at a pace that probably didn’t live up to our (very diverse) expectations. We (I at least) tend to forget all the joy and entertainment it provided when playing the base game (except all the bugs that admittedly bothered a lot of players). Personally I’m disappointed that it didn’t developed as I, Me, Myself expected. And that is probably a bit unfair to judge from that as it is very apparent that the player base has very diverging preferences.

Personally I loved the beauty of the landscape, that I feel has been partly scorched by resent updates. I loved the solitude that has been partly spoiled by NPC’s. I loved the straight story that has been corrupted by mystical features and weird fractions (Iron Church). And the experimental PVG90 and AG4 have made fighting machines trivial. But it is still a great game, and as long as it makes Systemic Reaction enough money, I’m sure they’ll keep developing it. In a direction and at a pace that is projected to be profitable.


To be fair, they might be able to get work done with just a computer in a locked room but that doesn’t mean they aren’t affected by this “kauveed” nonsense. Maybe some of them work better in an actual studio with other people, maybe some of them got incarcerated by their government for attending holiday parties… who knows.

I hope they pull a no mans sky with keeping on improving the game and not giving up.
And BTW I don’t want the game to BECOME no mans sky i just want them to not give up and keep on going to improve and continue to make the game better


If this game ever become anything like Division or Day Z then I’ll move on. Thoose games are not my cup of tea.

I’ve moved this to #feedback-feature-requests. Please guys, even if you disagree with how the game is made, remember to be constructive. Too much negativity doesn’t do anyone any good, & we won’t get anything out of a thread that just hammers on the devs for not developing GZ along a specific path.