I love this game


I’m about 20 - 30 hours in playing solo and loving it.
I am 100% sure some of the reviewers didn’t even play the game or they were expecting call of duty. Sure it has some rough edges.
The world is beautiful, the guns feel and sound great and the immersion is insane.
I really hope the developers support this game and I hope more people give this game a go.

Well done avalanche.


I totally love this game too. Even though it’s completely riddled with bugs and glitches. I just find ways to work around them or ignore them if possible. I even lost 20 hours of progress when encountering a game breaking bug and just got back in again with a new character.

I know a lot of people who would just say “Screw this game! I want a refund, waaaah!” if that happened, but games like Dark Souls, Monster Hunter and Darkest Dungeon have taught me to be persistent, patient and to never give up.

I have high hopes for Gen-Z. It’s not a game for everyone, and it’s not very player friendly at the moment, but it has the potential to be a truly great game.


Completely agree with Kordy!

I’ve been waiting for a refreshing game setting (coop against sci-fi inspired mechs/machines) like this for ages, and I really hope that Avalanche keeps on expanding on the premise with more content (and polish) to come.


Yep i was told some reddit page was being hostile about this game , there loss , this games good and it will improve , any one who doubts go check the live streams from last 4 weeks developer french dude aka Gregg spot on knows his stuff . Also other devs streams and at some point the game crashes so they got nothing to hide. Every one have a good blast


I love the game as well, couple of things I’ve seen that need attention but over all awesome game. Can’t wait to see if there is an DLC for it.


Games brilliant minus the annoying bugs hate the quests brakeing they annoy my ocd something cronic and hate that some Areas cant be 100% completed other then that ive been haveing a blast looting killing what i can and reporting any visual bugs containers and things that are down right broken i know whats the point in bitching when i know what i paid for all open world games have major issues on launch i knew this so its more postive being pro active and trying to help the devs fix whats bugged instead of spurting trash then get banned for your outburst and child like tantrum this game has potential if alot of stuff gets addressed


only for those who are lucky enough to not have bugs with saving or crashing on start :smiley: also, for those who don’t mind broken quests, fps lags, glitches in inventory, stuck in the walls, etc.
I’m one of those btw, but sometimes all these bugs become really frustrating


Yep yep and yep , what Malthezar said