I love this game :)

Honestly, i read reviews and they complained that there was nothing to do, its buggy, blah blah blah but i have had more fun with this game than i have with any latest release game on xbox one :smiley:

from the sounds of the robots, the house to house looting, the lack of any draining survival needs, the feedback form killing the robots, the heated battles fighting tanks with friends, the spooky crawl through bunkers, the visor modes and scouting from afar… i love this game :3

there are bugs as people have noted, sound bugs, ammo bugs, loot bugs, the sensitivty for the scops arent great and the aim assist can make things almost impossible, the ADS is alittle jaunting too…

but i adore the game as it is :3 the crafting sounds cool but id hate to see it take main screen, base building would be a terrible thing to add because of all the bugs that could bring with it, but also because it is just needless… the complete lack sofar of a storage box has meant that my friends and i have dropped what we dont need and done alot of things on the fly, we hoard ammo as we loot and burn it out on the fights where we hold off in a random house or barn :slight_smile: if we had our own base we could build and storage chest, where would we go from there? we would hoard, sit in the house, build it up and never move… just like in every other game that had base building :confused:

id love to see what they do with this game, i crave updates :smiley: keep it up devs