I need a suggestion to complete 2 missions

First mission: go to Nyhamnen, new port of Ostervik, warehouse no. 4 and destroy all active machines. I performed the entire procedure many times but I never managed to complete the mission. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
Second mission: collect anything useful in the “Forlorade Hastens Krog” tavern in Muskudden. The problem is that I can’t find the tavern. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

@Mich3le first mission: could be bugged (it was for me before the April patch but managed to complete it after the patch) I dont know how or why i was able to complete it when i did.

Second mission: look for buildings on the map in that area, that has no apparent road directly leading to or passing by them. and to complete the mission “out hiking” be sure to search very carefully everywhere in the vicinity to find the mission item you need

:ok_hand: :+1: Thank you very much

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Thanks to Hagelbocken I completed the mission nr. 2 but the mission nr. 1 I can’t complete it. In practice, in the warehouse there are 2 active hunters, I kill the 2 hunters and nothing happens, I open the 3 containers that are inside the warehouse and there are dead runners. There are 3 inactive hunters who are not affected by bullets, grenade launchers or gas cylinders. I’m going crazy, it’s the only mission I have, the nr. 81. If any developer reads this post, please adjust this mission. Thank you

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Same prob I have killed those 2 hunters at least 5 times now still mission don’t complete .I farm those containers there for ammo too so will keep killing hunters .and not sure how they get out of warehouse either doors are closed and they still get out

I restarted the game from scratch, I still haven’t arrived at this mission. But, if it continues to be bugged, I collect all the gas bottles in the game, place them in the warehouse, blow up everything, and I want to see if they don’t die :smile:

On mission clues it says 5 containers which are there but can only open 3 not sure if that has anything to do with it too prob not just looking into it too much

I’m also unable to complete that mission on a fresh save :frowning: