I Need help to make this

I dont know what DLC buy, Alpine Unrest or Finix Rising. What is better ?

Alpine unrest has more actual content. New island, vanity items. Fnix I believe is just additional story line. Plus alpine has a pretty neat Easter egg during the side missions.

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Nice, you see the easter egg?

Yeah I did. It’s a reference to a old horror movie. Won’t spoil it for you!

Ok, thanks i Will see

“Alpine Unrest” and “Fnix Rising” are Both Story DLC’s

Alpine Unrest can be started at any point as it takes part separately from the Main Story
But is probably the Hardest

First Mission Name and Mission Icon (Click to View)


Fnix Rissing Takes part After the Original Story.
If you have not completed the Original Story you might be a bit confused…
Also if you go to South coast without without the “Fnix Rising” Missions, as it will feel like something is missing.

First Mission Name and Mission Icon (Click to View)


Both will have a Board with additional Side Missions in it’s Main Safe House.
But for Fnix Rising, they will be added to the Board as you progress the DLC Story.
and you’ll miss out if you forget to check.

I’m not sure which is “The Best”…
Both are Pretty Additional content to the Game.

  • Alpine Unrest feels as the overall Best content package.
    and it have plenty of new things to find and discover.
    But also Several Hidden Secrets.

  • Fnix Rising is a Rewamp of South Coast
    But probably have the most interesting Story following the Original Ending.

So Play Alpine Unrest, whenever you feel like stepping up to a challenge.
But wait to Start Fnix Rising till after you’ve Completed the Main Story ^.~

I end The Story, soo i Will see what DLC i take, thanks

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Definitely get Alpine Unrest, it’s really worth it.

I bought FNIX rising during the last Steam sale and I’m having some problems with the FR missions and challenges now.
E.g. I’ve discovered (nearly?) all FNIX structures and outposts in the South Coast region long before I got the DLC and now the challenge won’t register any of them, eventually because I don’t get any XP for “rediscovering” them now when I visit those places again. Kind of a bummer… :roll_eyes:

I always got all DLCs immediately when they come out. Maybe that is why that I never had registering problems with FNIX Rising. That, and playing Solo. Coop tracking is rather random.

Basically, with knowing what we know about things registering in GZ, the best advice for all new players is to do all missions on Solo first. Then later in a new world Play Coop to your heart’s content.

I’m always playing Solo, so there’s nothing from Coop-side that might have gotten into my way… :man_shrugging:


I also have a location where the tracking went haywire. That was the Location Ekebygården. I found it before it was on the map and it had no name. But there were 6 weapons to collect and I did. But then later when they fixed the name, it showed 0/6 weapons, but I had already collected them.

I did have backups of my save-games so I could have corrected that, but the name fix was months later and I would have lost everything I found and did during those months, so I decided to take that loss of not 100% completing that location. I did collected the weapons again in new world. But that did not fix it for my main world.

There is a high chance that Registering doesn’t work anymore if you discovered and engaged with those FNIX structures, before buying the FNIX Rising DLC. And that is indeed a bummer.

I once suggested an option on right-clicking a location with the possibility to reset the location to undiscovered. So the missions and Collectables, etc, on that location would be reset to 0, and can be played again.

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I’m probably pretty biased here because this is the only game I’ve ever felt like installing an earlier version to play. FNIX Rising was okay, added actually interesting content, but that was after they “fixed” the April 2020 update and it fell completely flat for me, all the challenge I had been encountering was largely gone. So my memory of it is pretty tainted, especially since I really don’t like the new base building and CTF gameplay they’ve added.

All that in mind, Alpine Unrest, hands down. FNIX Rising is probably okay if you are (most likely) playing newer versions of the game but I feel like it might ruin the original storyline if you get into it before finishing the main story. Alpine Unrest, OTOH, provides extra history and a story of its own, plus new machines to fight.