I need some serious help(details inside seekining advice)

No, you can test it yourself.
In skirmish difficulty you usually need 2 shots to destroy Prototype Hunters unless other explodable objects are nearby.
The more sturdy is an enemy more shots are needed.
I Use that weapon, but its not as effective as it should be.
But swarms of runners get wrecked by the weapon.
Or if you find multiple hunters together, its a good way to use the weapon to destroy or weaken the hunters.

I would agree and disagree with that, yes the normal swedish rocket launcher and experimental rocket laucher cant really do that and feel a bit weak, BUT, I have found the Russian RLG-7 at 4 stars can one shot a FNIX hunter which makes me think it does a bit more damage, plus it just sounds like it hits harder

well they did save me when i was facing off against that ridiculous number of bots

going to have to try my other guns on tanks as a primarry as see how that goes

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Use it as a support weapon.
Not as a main weapon, ammo is more scarce, more heavy and burns a lot of resources to make.

So i got my first exp weapon last night as i was going to bed. It was the shotgun. And i have to say if done right it is deadly. Dam deadly.

Jumped a hunter fnix class skirm turned him into a 5 pump chump. Keeping in mind these things were my bain this one didn’t stand a chance.
Key thinks to note with the exp shotgun choke it and dont use anything other then birdshot. Does decent against tanks and harvisters however other guns are better against the hard targets. Runners and hunters have started loosing their superiority with this shotgun in hand.

Still hunting rivals for my second exp weapon.

Maybe some of your troubles might be less about the weapons you’re using and more about your fighting method? I personally find mobility the best way to avoid damage in this game. The robots are accurate and can shoot you from long distances and even when you’re mostly obscured behind cover, but they have a hard time keeping their reticule on you when you’re moving in a transverse direction from their centre point (crossing the T).

After that it’s about concentrating your firepower on a single target while using terrain to limit how many enemy robots can see you (and shoot you) you at any one time. I find the small farm building compounds perfect for this. The buildings provide a lot of cover, but there’s still a good amount of space to maneuver, and you can constantly set up ambushes around building corners, and place traps like mines with a high chance of success.
Keep lots of flares on you, they come in really handy and buy you time to patch yourself up with a med kit, or allow you to relocate, or allow you to knock a couple of runners out of commission and reduce the amount of guns shooting at you.

Another thing you’ll start to notice is that the machines have long lulls in combat where they’re looking for you or maneuvering. You can use these lulls to stop running and target stuff like rear canisters and machine gun arms on Hunters as long as you break off and start moving again before they start shooting at you. It’s Shoot and Scoot. Eventually you’ll get a feel for their rhythm, and be able to anticipate when they’re about to shoot at you. The more machines there are the smaller lulls, so you might only be able to dump half a mag on an arm at first, but every weapon you disable increases the lull time.

I try to prioritize the lightest units first then make my way up the ladder to the heavies last, unless you get offered an opportunity to take out things like Harvester missile pods that you can’t pass up. I tend to focus on one enemy until it’s disarmed or out of action, the goal is to reduce the number of weapons firing at me.

Submachine guns are very useful in this game for close combat with light units like Hunters and Runners. Their high handling means that if you’re close you don’t have to look down the sights to target weak spots even when you’re moving. Ammo is everywhere too. Grenades and explosive type weapons are often very useful foe their AOE and can knock out whole packs of runners if they’re standing near each other. I find that automatic rifles (AG4 and 5, and our good Russian friend Kalshnikov) are excellent vs the heavies, they’re accurate enough to target weak points like missile pods and have enough range to keep you out of melee / gas range. The machine guns just kind of suck honestly, this is a game of precision targeting and high mobility and the MG’s generally suck at both, they chew up a lot of ammo too.


You more or less spoke my general tactics. And hearing someone tell me to do what i have been doing is rather validating.

Between you and everything i have learned up to this point i have actually figured out my main problems.

  1. There is just so many of them. (Just before writing this dropped 4 harvisters 2 tanks and their entourage in one fight and for me this is “normal”)
  2. I do not fully know the sweet spots.

One of my favored is actually the sticky flares in many situations where i need breathing room i will run between the legs of one of the bigger ones and sticky the “nuts” when lacking a big one i tend to throw it at the face of a hunter.

I have also seen the luls but that happens more when my general fights are winding down. Another good tactic for luling is to go back and forth at them where you cross the line between melee and guns it would seem they lul when they switch between melee and ranged.

I have also learned provoking hunters to melee is actually a useful tactic considering how much easyer their melee is to dodge.

I also really need to figure out what is where on them. I only recently figured out how to make a tank actually loose its guns however not fully still trying to find the sweet spot for that. Currently sitting at half the time ripping them off the other half killing it trying. Before i had only been killing it in the attempts.

I generally do not get hit in one on one and when i do its a “lucky shot”. Most of the times i get hit comes from side or back.