I need some serious help(details inside seekining advice)

my current “go to” arsenal
Automatgevar4 ** (most commonly used)
Dual vis
AG4 extended mag ****
1-4x riflescope **
N60 MG *** (very hard to use but does the job need better)
2x red dot **
no vis :frowning:
N60 extended mag ***
Meusser Hunting Rifle *** (go to sniper first strike)
rifle silencer *
duel vis
4-8x rifle scope *****
Granatgevar * OR RLG (my tank and harvester killer available ammo decides which i use)

problems i am running into
i need a better sniper or better indications of where to aim or both 2 trigger pulls = bad 3 trigger pulls = horrid mag = well this is useless
prototpe runners go down easy

i dont run anything higher then 1x min on my main(currently automatgevar 4) as at times i need iron sight zoom level
my sniper could use more zoom

tanks and harvesters go down easy so long as there is no runners or hunters they are childs play so long as i have the ammo

Hunters are my bane the prototypes go down fairly easy but anything bigger tends to be a problem

i dont really know the best ammos to use at times i tend to use 7.62 FMJ and .243 soft
I tend to not use the AP rounds cause i need the copper to make RLG rounds i was going to switch over to using 84mm only for better use of copper however the schematic is at current unobtainable 84mm yeilds 4 where RLG yeilds 2 for the same supplys
copper is something i rarely have in suppy i have the supplys to maintain 5000-6000 7.62 FMJs with every safehouse visit but i rarely have more then 15 RLG/HEDP rounds (generally 30 collectively)
i have at times resorted to shooting tanks in the balls point blank with my N60 just blaring cause i have run out of explosive rounds and when i say that i mean literately standing under them shooting up at them

i have been able to take down prototype runners in very few shots however i do not know what exactly i am hitting i think its the tank the armored ones tend to not go down so easily

most engagements i have been dealing with 10-20 bots since i found my first warboard.

i can take down 3 tanks at once so long as hunters and runners dont join the fight the last one usualy dies by N60 due to lack of ammo

i play solo
tanks are the easyest for me to take down infact rarely get hit by them while fighting out in the open

PS4 with all dlc except the newer base building one that adds the medical building

When you’re fighting machines you want to aim for specific weakpoint components for maximum damage. You can tell if you’re hitting components or armor by the color of the sparks.

If you see blue sparks, you’re hitting a component and doing high damage. This is what you want to aim for with FMJ, HP, and SP. Which is basically the best strategy to use.

If you see yellow sparks, you’re hitting armor and doing low damage. If you’re using AP, this is what you want to hit. You’re better off using the other ammo types against components though.

Most machines’ weapons are components and can be shot off.

List of components to aim for:

Brief Component Weakpoint Info

Runners - Aim for the fuel tank on top of their back, other than that basically just aim center mass or for their head or gun (can be shot off).

Hunters - Aim for their left hand gun, their shoulder gun, (both can be shot off) the two ‘vents’ next to their heads, their tick pod on their back, and the fuel tank on their back.

Tanks - Aim for the the big plate on their ‘face’, their lower eyes, their upper left eye, their low guns (can be shot off), their kneecaps, a silver area above each kneecap, the place where their legs connect to their bodies, the machinery on their ‘cheeks’, and all the stuff on their rear body.

Harvesters - Aim for their missile launcher (can be shot off), their big canister thing below their missile launcher, their ‘ankles’ above their front feet, their armored ‘shins’ right above their ‘ankles’, their back legs’ ‘thighs’, and their two faces.

Lynx - aim for their ball, their face, their rear fuel cell, and their top gun (can be shot off).

Wolf - aim for their two rocket pods, the four little grey doohickeys on their ‘cheeks’ (all those can be shot off), their big forehead, the skull underneath the forehead, the little ball ‘eye’ below the forehead, the rear of their body, and the minigun (very durable, never been able to shoot it off).

Building off what I said above:

-HP and SP deal more damage to components but less to armor
-AP deals more damage to armor but less to components
-FMJ deals medium damage to both, jack of all trades

Personally FMJ is my go to and I steer clear of AP, but your mileage may vary.

Hopefully this all helps, if you have more questions let me know.

You dont have a PVG90?
From what you say, are you playing in Adventure difficulty ?

“Most machines’ weapons are components and can be shot off.”
wait wait wait hold up you mean to tell me i can somehow blow that BFG off the hunters that are one shotting me? how would i best achieve that as those are the hardest of the hunters and ripping that gun off their shoulders would make them quite a bit easyer

@Mr_A1992 are you refering to the Pansarvarnsgevar 90?

as for difficulty it tends to go back and forth between all 3 i have found it does not really change much in terms of my original post just how much medkits adrenalins and ammo i burn threw … with the right gear and supplys i can rock gurilla infact those 3 tanks noted first time i blew 2 and sacked the 3rd one got all my HEDP rounds the second took all my RLG rounds and the third was taken down from between its legs with the N60 on gurilla. for me dificulty only makes a diffrence on how much supplys i use in a fight.

Just use FMJ, SP, or HP and hammer their cannon till it falls off. Your N60 would probably be the best way to do it up close, or use your hunting rifle if you’re at range.

If you play in guerrilla, then i dont think you need that much of an assistance.
I honestly dont care much about the 2 main types of ammo.
as Vlad said

I just keep shooting untill they go down, it works fine in Skirmish.
And i shoot the weak spots of the machines as vlad also pointed them out.
Using explosives against groups of enemies including using the Granatgevar is a good idea to help with groups.

I am refering to the experimental version of this weapon, it is very useful against Tanks.

The only advice i´l give you is to keep circling arround Hunters, its a good way to confuse them and slow their attacks, you can also keep moving and using cover to block their aim.

I also advice to use a shotgun as an extra weapon, having another weapon will help you when your main weapons need to reload and you are surrounded.

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how do i get my hands on a PVG90?

with the way i have been fighting i honestly beleive my problems have been need better gear and better intel on the bots weak points as well as farmable copper/84mm rounds

Experimental weapons drop from rivals, but you need to be level 25 or above, or someone can just give one to you.
That weapon is useful against APOC hunters too, but i usually dont use it against them, it turns the game too easy.

so the experimentals are that good huh definitly need to get my hands on some

only level 17

The experimental shotgun is not good.
The others are good.

Is the Experimental Pump that bad? I enjoy stunning big bots with the explosive flechettes and it feels like an upgrade from the 5c Pump. Is it a problem with the Exp version or just the Pump in general?

In early 2020 i used to use the experimental Pump.
Back then harvesters were more easy to take down, the experimental shotgun loaded with birdshot ammo was very usefull to attack them.
Then i started using the 2 other shotguns, never again i used the exp shotgun.
Not worth it (although the explosive flechettes are fun to watch )

The max range of the exp shotgun is horrible compared with the normal version.
Buckshot range is much more deadly in the normal shotguns.

I’ll have to do some more testing with the regular Pump then. Maybe it’s just placebo but the Exp feels better to use. Though I did barely get to use the regular one before I got the Exp, so I might just be misremembering.

Its placebo, and its a lot more “cool” to use the experimental version.
And you know the third shotgun ammo type? The slugs?.
Dont even work with the exp shotgun.
The devs did something very weird and its never been fixed, if its a feature is a bad one.

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I did notice that slugs felt like they were weren’t doing anything with the Exp, but I hadn’t used the Pump since the Archipelago so I just figured that slugs were really weak.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll make sure to give the regular Pump more of a chance now. I hadn’t used it in forever since I only had a 3c version for the longest time, and once I finally got the 5c I got the Exp like 2 days later. I figure that since all the other Exps were pretty much direct upgrades (especially the Kpist and PVG) that the same was true of the Pump.

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Contrary to the other weapons, its a downgrade.
The range of the slugs is in centimenters so it wont work.
The range of Buckshot ammo is decreasead to 1 or 2 meters.
Birdshot is ok but the damage is reduced
Unless they changed this in 2021, its still the same.
Try the normal shotguns and give me your “review”.

I took the 5c Pump for a spin today and it definitely has a much better range than the Exp. It seems to have a tighter spread too, with the Exp I can usually run around hipfiring it without much care but the 5c needs more precision. The 5c also seems way worse against Tanks for some reason, but I’ll to do more testing to see if I’m just imagining things.

When I’m using the 5c, sometimes it seems like my buckshot just disappears though. There’ll be no sparks or sounds when I’m hitting a Tank or Hunter point blank and it seems like it doesn’t do any damage. And doubly so for the slugs. Maybe I just need to get good lol.

@Mr_A1992 is there anything more powerful then my 84mm and rlg?

i took on my first wolf it was a soldier class rival level 4 on adventure difficultly(i dropped down cause i really dont have the supplys to be taking on the swarms of bots i have been getting at skirm) i even saved up to take this thing on brining 26 84mm rounds and 22 RLG rounds the most total rounds i have had between the 2. along with 1000 7.62.
it took all of it and wanted more about 75% of them went straight for the gills(the nanohealing thing) the other 25% were glancing blows aimed at the same spot i ran out of ammo. i could not get it to stop healing i could not blow those nanohealing things off either.

its little friends on the balls (i forget what they are called) are seriously no threat to me they never bothered fireing once the worst any of them did was block my shots if i was being careless one of them may have taken an 84mm or RLG to the face instead of the wolf.

should this thing really be that hard?
also should should i be engaging an average of 14 hunters or 20 runners per fight. also last night i had the most epic of battles i stopped counting at 26 hunters 62 runners(it got so bad i started aiming at groups with the 84mm

The “rocket” launchers are not that powerful.
If they were every Hunter would be destroyed after you attack with those weapons.
Usually you need 2, 3 or 4 attacks with those weapons to destroy them.

In other games rocket launchers and recoiless rifles are usually the most powerfull weapon.
In this game that is false.

The PVG90 is more powerfull than those, and you will carry less weight with its ammunition.

So, stop using those weapons to attack everything, i told you before to only use them against Swarms and only to do splash damage to them.

Using the N60 and Ag4 combined with an SMG or a shotgun and the PVG90 is a far better strategy.
You of course can do whatever you wish, i am only giving advice.

i clearly missunderstood what you were saying the first time.

i had been using the 84mm and rlg cause i had thought they actually did serious damage thank you