I Need Your Help Please

I need help to complete all the ps4 game trophies.

I can’t find garden gnomes and dala horses.

And finally I wondered how to achieve the “Fashionista” trophy knowing that I have more than 200 clothes

I´m sorry for my english.

3 or 5 gnomes are more hidden, if you can t find them or reach them just use a grenade or explode something nearby and you will “find” them.

This does not always work.
For example, they are hidden in housing estates.
Or at the new radar station at Maskar where I had to spend 3 hours today searching in vain.

I’m sorry for my english…

well the map gives you an idea to look so it can pin point the house it’s in at least

Yes thank for the card

I must be stupid, but I can’t find the horses

There’s links on there to lists for each type, complete with map coordinates, screenshots and descriptions.

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thank you so much

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