I not know if this a bug or not

I can’t destroy the Relay on “Abandoned Fishing Wharf” is missing in my world (if I go to other players world and he hasn’t destroy it I can see it) I have try everything like uninstall the game and re installed nothing, doesn’t mather what I do its not there.

Another thing, I lost my N16 and can’t find it, like it just vanished, I thought if I do the same has I did with my previous problem could return but it didn’t, not know what to do.

Well, the 1st relay beacon (all relay beacons actually) doesn’t block any part of the game and you can skip it. Sure, it gives XP when blown up and you can loot Field Radio from it but other than that, there’s no other use for it.

Oh, if you see that relay beacon in someone else’s game and immediately go back to your solo game, that relay beacon should be respawned.

As for the 2nd thing, if you drop any of the USA weapon pack weapons on the ground in MP game, so your buddy, who doesn’t have that DLC, can pick it up, the weapon will disappear for the both of you. This isn’t intended but it’s acknowledged by the devs. (Though, i think it should remain as it is.)

One more thing: Before making a bug report, follow this guide: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report and make only one bug report per topic. Not two, not three, not four etc. Only one.

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