I noticed some of these Town say settlement

I recall on one Mission I uncovered the item and this letter was telling another person don’t let them take you to the bunkers. Where are all the people it’ll be cool if you could run into some of these towns and find settlements of survivors underground resistance and they can send you on certain missions that they may need something say they need gas to run a generator or is a group of hunters I need to be taken out so they can scavage I just don’t see how you’re the only person alive running around trying to survive and the only bodies you see are dead military soldiers and a few cops

or make your safehouse areas human safe zones or settlements where you can interact with survivors or people that was not able to be evacuated

The devs chose to have you run around all alone and lonely for the base game. I personally think it’s a great feeling of solitude and abandonment not unlike the one in one of my favorite games, Subnautica. If you want to interact with NPC*'s, you’re gonna have to buy the DLC😉

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I wouldn’t shy away from the settlements too hard. The NPC’s in the DLC are pretty empty inside, but generally, they’re there. I don’t think they should immediately go for them ‘scavenging towns’, but I have plenty of bunkers on offer for some poor survivors to take over… I just want to see them survive. In this sort of time, where the resistance is rising, I’d like us to meet these rebels and cults… There are lives around the islands that keep evading the player, unless they have friends to co-op with (sad solo noises).