I really wanted to love this game but this is ridiculous


I pre-ordered this game because I love the idea of the game and the setting, I am 1980’s fan, and even though there were bugs I stuck it out. It’s been nearly 2 months since the games release and it’s still a broken mess…

Numerous broken missions that are main story missions, how did this pass your Q&A department is beyond me, enemies that clip through ceilings and buildings, and even after “patches” it’s still broke.

I know that Micro$oft charges developers per patch that is pushed out so they tend to lump all the bug fixes together in one patch instead of patching it more frequently BUT THE GAME IS BROKEN! Do I have to wait another month or two just to finish a couple more of the main story quests?

Here are a couple of tips from me. 1. Don’t release a game with broken mechanics, missions and even achievements. Just delay the game. How hard is that? It wasn’t even a major release and you still pushed it out anyway. 2. Try to update the game more than one every month. Do you care about those of us that still play it? Or is it a social experiment of some kind just to see how long we will stick it out before we just uninstall it all together? 3. UI elements, item stacking by default and some of these other QoL updates should wait. I would like to see new features added but the game doesn’t even function properly at this point.

I enjoy your Just Cause games along with Mad Max but I won’t waste my money until a game has been out for a few months then. Imagine going to get your car repaired and instead of fixing it you have to wait months and several tries to fix just to get it running? I bet you wouldn’t go back to that repair shop anymore.

For the record I don’t expect perfection. I played through a fair share of buggy games in my life before but when your main missions don’t even work properly then we have an problem.

Just fix your game.


I understand your frustration, for sure (I haven’t played since before the April update and desperately want to.) I pre-ordered for PS4. Keep in mind that, while it’s made by Avalanche, it is a different team and if I’m not mistaken significantly less money/outside cashflow involved. You are correct that they should’ve delayed it or at least released it as early access, for sure.


Hey ZebNasterRham, thanks for your post regarding the game. I understand your frustration and many bug fixes have been pushed out, as you can see the developers are working tirelessly to fix bugs and are working on the game. I wish you luck and hope everything is fixed for you soon! Have a great day buddy.