I rebuild my ps4 but…

Hi, I rebuild my PS4 last night and plugged it in to start it up, let it run a while keeping a eye on in for 5 minutes. As I thought all to be well, I started up a game, after i started it the fan went crazy.
The RPM when way over then what it was before.

I reopened my PS4 thinking I might have not connected something or not enough thermal paste, but nothing seemed to be out of order.

Any of you guys have had the same problem before? Or now what it might be? Please let me know

Ps zach

I haven’t had that issue with my ps4 slim. Did you remove the processor fan when you rebuilt it?

Yes, I tore the whole system down to the case.
New paste on the chip cleaned and rebuild.

Oof idk what would cause it man if you pasted it well and made sure everything was right. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

No worries friend, thanks anyways👍🏻

Considering you mentioned the fans are going full throttle unlike before your cleaning attempt (?), the following can be the cause:

  • You’ve damaged either the leads or the fan connector, causing poor PWM connection (the connection used to control fan speeds)
  • Your re-assembly has degraded cooling performance to one or several components.

My advice is to ensure first and foremost you’ve not damaged the fan leads/connector in any way. This is the easiest and quickest diagnostic. If damaged, you can try repairing the damage (if you’re comfortable with that), or order a new fan.
If that doesn’t help, make sure all thermal pads are covering all chips that are intended to be cooled by them. Sometimes these dry out, gets misplaced, easily torn, or simply aren’t long enough to eg. cover all VRMs. VRMs are arguably the most important component to prevent overheating, as these deliver power directly to other components like the SoC (the “CPU”).

If I may ask, why did you re-build the PS4?