I say they change the experemental ag4 to an ai76

cause well the ai76 is better it can shoot faster then full auto when using burst if you click fast info from a nother player i forgot the name of but I’m still giving credit that and its just better in my opinion the clip it has gives 10 extra bullets plus it has good damage and can help you when your in trouble against a tank or harvester

I don’t think they’ll change any experimental weapon, but maybe someday we’ll get more.
Thx for the credits :wink:

no problem my guy say wanna teamup on gen zero making a 4 man team

Hmm… no, thanks, the AG4 is good as it is in it’s experimental form and versatile, too because one can mount the 4-8x scope. ymmv

About an AI-76 X weapon… Why not, as long as it has also a unique experimental effect.

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