I see ghost kitchenware

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Haha! That’s pretty cool tbh! :slight_smile:

The new DLC map seems to be in an even worse state than the original one. I had hoped we are out of the woods. But apparently, the players are the clean-up crew here again.

It’s just the new IKEA Osynlig kitchen ware series.


That assessment was not entirely fair. Actually, the Himfjäll map and the placed assets are a lot less buggy than the current state of the original map. Still sometimes it gets kind of frustrating.

Hands up if you ever have been scared s**tless by the table lamp behind a door that about explodes when you open the door.


YES, Like Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter : OU OU OU !!

Took me about 100 lamps to get used to! :bulb::boom::fearful: