I survived 1.05... gleaming the 1.06

PS4 Pro : Just some feedback on 1.06 - overall it seems much better for me, and the particular issue that was causing it to crash during looting all seem to have been resolved. Really glad I can play again as I do have a proper soft spot for this game.

Dear Devs… I wont apologize for the vociferous feedback on 1.05, but I think it shows how much we all care about this game, so hopefully you’ll take that as a positive. I guess if you’d had no feedback whatsoever, that would have been much much worse.

Just a nod to future releases also, in the world of enterprise software development and testing, under both Waterfall and Agile methods - rigorous Regression testing is always mandatory when significant change is made to an existing code base. I have no idea what your QA pipeline is, but can I suggest a review of, or an enhancement to this particular area as it may prevent these sort of release problems going forward. I’m always happy to help or advise as this is part of what I do for a living, and I don’t necessary like being used as an unwitting Guinea pig if I am paying for a retail product.

All the best.


That’s good to hear. I understand your frustration being unable to play. The guys working on Generation Zero consists of a quite small team compared to other studios that make similar games in the business, but this game is something of a passion project for them so all the feedback we’ve seen so far (positive and negative) has been very important for them. They do read the forum, and we do our best to forward feedback to them when we can.

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