I think I know where the game takes place


As title says: I think I know where the fictitious islands lies and where the game takes place.

The islands lies in Bottniska Viken (The Gulf of Bothnia) outside the landscape Ångermanland.
The administration weapon for Ångermanland is three silver salmons.

I found this on a Emergency Services building/firestation in Klinte:

This is the administration weapon for Ångermanland:

The chart where Ångermanland lies in Sweden:

I have not yet checked with the other stations if they have the same emblem.



It is the same emblem on the Fire Stations.
Fire Station in Östervik


Well the place in generation zero dosnt really exist in real life im pretty sure. They say the place is called Ostertorn or something like that I could be compleatly wrong. But all the stuff you talked about is very intrusting and could be a valid theory.