I think I know where the game takes place

As title says: I think I know where the fictitious islands lies and where the game takes place.

The islands lies in Bottniska Viken (The Gulf of Bothnia) outside the landscape Ångermanland.
The administration weapon for Ångermanland is three silver salmons.

I found this on a Emergency Services building/firestation in Klinte:

This is the administration weapon for Ångermanland:

The chart where Ångermanland lies in Sweden:

I have not yet checked with the other stations if they have the same emblem.



It is the same emblem on the Fire Stations.
Fire Station in Östervik

Well the place in generation zero dosnt really exist in real life im pretty sure. They say the place is called Ostertorn or something like that I could be compleatly wrong. But all the stuff you talked about is very intrusting and could be a valid theory.

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Coat of arm of Östertörn

( I apologize in advance if the english is a bit weird as it is not my native language)

I am some that of an heraldry nerd so I became weary happy then I discovered that the Östertörn seems to have its on coat of arm. judging by the look of it do I think that Östertörn is it`s own administrate division like Gotland, as weapons in Sweden that contains three crowns in that way usually are is a template that has been used to indicate that it is a “länsvapen” like Jönköpings administrate coat of arm

As it is a bit hard to get a good look at it did I decide to to draw it witch you can see bellow. I did also do a version without the crowns as these kinde of administrate coat of arms usually uses the coat of arm of the central city witch the administration is seated in, In this case however do I think that the weapon without the crowns is the arms of the whole iland.


Nice. I don’t know where you found this shield, but the text suggest a marine / habor on Archipelago. I have a question you might know. My thought was that this heraldic shield (shown on the first picture) attributed to the Coast & Archipelago Rescue Service (Kust & Skärgard Räddningstjänsten), and not to Östertörn. Say, for instance, the Östertörn Police has also such a shield, do the coat of arms (3 crowns and 3 fish) then also appear on the police Shield too?

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I had a theory about where the game could take place when I saw the coat of arms (or administrative weapon). The only place in Sweden that I know that has those fishes is

Here in Sweden we also had something that was called landskommuner (rural municipalities) that was smaller municipalities, some had their own adminastrative wespon.
(My great grandfather was once a municipal council chairman in one of them.)


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Well I think it is the coat of arms of Östertörns as these sort of emblems for
rescue services usually uses the provinces/landscape or municipality shields of the area it is active in.
Here is two examples from the two larges islands of the Swedish coast:
Gotland witch uses Gotlands municipal arm:

and Öland witch uses the its provincial arm :

About your question the swedish police so do they only use the a crowned sheild with the three crowns on it layd ower two crossed faces sorunded with a oak leaves.
In the games do they use a modified variant of this, I think to avoid copyright claims ore something, so the emblem you se on the cars and police uniforms is the only one they uses.


I see you translate “Räddningstjänsten” to “Emergency Services”. Where I was thinking more in the lines of "Rescue Services’’. In Dutch, Rescue is Redding, which looks a lot like Räddning. I don’t know Swedish however, so I used Google translate. After seeing more shields with Räddningstjänsten on them, I’m not sure rescue services is correct the translation. Do you?

I have no Idea, used google translate to. “Räddningstjänsten” does in this case more or less refer to fire fighters. Hopes it makes it clearer

Last time I translated Räddningstjänsten to English I got emergency service.
I have been on a visit (a long time ago) to the local RS, they also have ambulances in the stations (and other equipments and vehicles that I don’t remember). So emergency is more accurate in my honest opinion.

Me on a visit to the RS

I did say that it was a long time ago.
And yes they turned on the oxygen :grin:
(It is the RS-leader’s gear I’m testing)


While it’s certainly fun to do these kinds of investigations, I sadly believe that an answer will never be found. Östertörn is a fictitious archipelago located on the eastern Baltic coast of Sweden. That’s all we will ever get to know. Not even a hint about it’s latitude exists as far as I know. Maybe later, some new in-game hints about the mainland could perhaps tell of a specific city close by, or something like that? That could be one way to narrow down the possible real world location. Don’t think that would happen, though. All names, locations and brands are purposefully given fictitious names resembling (or not) their real life counterparts. :slight_smile: