I think I’m done with the FNIX?

I have completed all of the FNIX data center sites but… they still show computers in some that can’t be destroyed. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Also: where can I fine attachments for the rocket gun (Granatgevar) or vision modules for the sniper and experimental machine gun (KVM 89 squad)? Can’t seem to find them anywhere…

Not all FNIX computers can be destroyed. Some are just props.

There are no attachments for the Granetgever recoiless rifle. Not sure what you even put on it other than a specific made sight, and/or bipod. Neither of these are in the game.

KVM attachments can be found from apoc machines. The two LMG’s (KVM 59, and KVM 89), both can use the same attachments except for mag.

Vision modules can drop from seekers, and other machines as far as I know.

Laser pointer/sight?

Thanks… I figured that might be the deal. I’ve been going around killing the little guys attached to the site walls but other than that, I think I’m done with the game. I see some red guys pop up every now and then but that’s about it. All items in the main and side missions are completed.

These are personal Rivals which can reward you unique loot. For example: experimental weapons and apparel crafting schematics (e.g bullet resistance).

As said, vision modules mainly drop from Seekers but they can drop from any machine. Though, having Mechanic skill greatly increases the chances of getting machine components.

Also, KVMs can’t take any vision modules since the only sight they can have, is Red Dot and that sight can’t equip vision module.

Next month, April 27, we get a big update and base building comes to the GZ. So, come back then for some more things to do. :wink: