I think medical slugs shouldnt knock you down when you have the steady feet perk

I want to know peoples thoughts on this

Hmm? I am guessing someone else is firing the slugs at you? All they need to do is fire near you for you to get the health recovery effects, same goes for shooting at a wall or something you are standing near, and you can still get the health benefits. A whole set of 4 players can recover health from the same shells.

I don’t have this skill selected, but…

The 12G medical ammo is the best way to free yourself if you got stuck somewhere. You don’t take damage, but you even get healed if you’re already hurt.

no, when the medical slugs where first introduced they sometimes knocked you down but usually the would give you a vertical or horizontal boost so people started doing medical slug jumps

Ohhh! Like the rockets and other things that will blow you around. Never seen the 12GA used in that manor.

Yeah it was soposedly really fun + useful