I think that would be good in the future

First of all, I would like to say that I like the game very much.

What do I wish in the future of the game is:

  1. I would like to have a storage box where I can store things.
  2. More weapons and more outfits.
  3. It would be cool to really be able to enter all buildings.
  4. A hungry and thirsty system, but not so extreme.
  5. Bugfixes! You are often stuck somewhere. There are many flying things. (Stones, mailboxes, etc.)
  6. I’m sure it’s over the top, but setting up your own safe house would be cool.
  7. A system that helps you to better assess where you are throwing.
  8. Lying and crawling and being even better hidden.
  9. Swimming!
  10. The nights are too long. Maybe cut a bit.
  11. That you can see in the investigation with binoculars, the weak points of the robot.
  12. More places to explore.
  13. Can climb on things !!! Everything within reach or jump range or climbing ladders.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Most, if not all, have been suggested in other posts, my friend.
Please check other posts in this regard before making a new post.
This will save a lot of reading for the Dev team, and writing on your side.

Good post, btw!

yes I understand that.
But there are already some posts, and it would be some time before I get to read them all.
It may be that I do not get to read everything. :confused:
And I thought, it’s easier to make your own list. :sweat_smile:
A question, since I do not see my post in the forum, was my post not posted?
Just so I know that.

greetings :vulcan_salute:

Night is the best time to stealth, so I prefer longer Nights. It’s also easier to see robots

Hi! Xogroroth is right, most of these have been posted already and it would be super cool if you could search for a few keywords and see if your post has been posted before in the future. Here are the answers for your ideas from before:

  1. That’s a SUPER popular request and the devs would like to do that.
  2. That’s obviously gonna be added as soon as they have time to do new stuff.
  3. More buildings might be opened up for players later, but it’s fine the way it is for now.
  4. Since this is not a survival game, Hunger and Thirst are most likely never gonna be added.
  5. Self-explanatory.
  6. Many had that idea. It’s not bad and might be neat to add in the future, but no plans as of now.
  7. A throwing trajectory would take away from the immersiveness of the game. Probably not gonna be added, but you never know.
  8. Proning caused problems in the beta, so they removed it. They’re looking into adding it back, though.
  9. Probably not, the dev team is small and has other priorities. It’s just not something that’s needed.
  10. I personally think the nights are fine. Don’t know what the devs think.
  11. You can see every part, including weak points, of a machine with the binocular IF you have collecter the blueprint for said machine.
  12. Obviously.
    13 Vaulting: Would be nice, but I don’t know how much time the devs are able and ready to spend on implementing that.

OK thanks. :sweat_smile:

greetings :vulcan_salute: