I want to be a mighty pirate with dlc eyepatch

We got tired of looking for an eye patch and bought the DLC anyway. We noticed there was an unlockable eyepatch, so we thought that might work. Went through the trouble of getting it and still cannot be mighty pirates. Has anyone gotten the trophy off of the dlc eyepatch or is it useless garbage? Love the game, hate this trophy.

I have gotten this trophy. I have 100% this game.

This is specifically in regards to the dlc eyepatch that can be unlocked through challenges.

I can look through my vanity items and check if there are any other eyepatches I guess.

β€œI Want To Be A Mighty Pirate!” has been with the game since launch, while Stealthy Resistance Robot Eyepatch was introduced with FNIX Rising DLC. Or in other words, you need to have the random drop Eye Patch (or it’s Pirate version) for unlocking this achievement.

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