I want to keep playing but feel like I shouldn’t

I have been struggling on with the game despite its bugs seen as PlayStation refused to refund me. By the time we have something that’s a polished playable version of the game most will have already played through the story (-lures, putting up with bugs, restarting the game etc) is this not the worst case of spoilers ever?

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We all know by now that the game has some buggs here and there.
Personally I have no problem with a few buggs. One of my first missions is bugged,
so what !, I dont get to acces a room where ther are maybe 2-3 extra lootboxes to be found. Maybe a letter as a personal quest item and maybe a gun or so. That’s it, I won’t miss it so I don’t care if that mission is bugged. It’s fine by me. However, with one thing I really agree I have to say:

The problem with a game having buggs is that you, much sooner as in a game that is bugg free, start giving up on other missions. Where you maybe would look for a hidden bunker in other games for 5 hours in a row, a game that is bugged might make you stop looking for it after 2 hours, simply because you start thinking it could be another bugg. That is what is so unpleasant about buggs. Every time something does not work in the game you start thinking it could be a bugg instead of staying open minded and say, well I have to look further, look better,…

I must say, I have only encountered 2-3 real buggs in my game sofar so for now that is fine
by me. With my 2-3 minor buggs Sofar I am perfectly able to completely enjoy the game as it is intended to be.

I have seen bugg reports of others that have buggs where I don’t have any issues.
And I have issues where others have no problem. What really interest me, and wich is why I reply to your post, I why people with the same hardware have different problems?
Shouldn’t we all have the same buggs if we play on the same platform?

I’m on PS4. Maybe, as a suggestion to get these buggs fixed sooner (more easy) by the devs
it would be usefull in the future when people not only mention the platform they are playing on but also some other info. Like systemsoftware version, game version, etc…;

It gives Devs more info as just saying PS4.

In my case this would be:
Systemsoftware 6.5
Enhanced mode: active
I play via Bluray, not a Store download.
Gameversion 1 (there is an update V1.02 that I have NOT downloaded yet)
My controller is quite old, 2 years of heavy gaming.

I’m just saying, I could be wrong but maybe this info helps the Devs to sort the most urgent buggs faster with this extra info to compare. So maybe they could fix some isuues before you finish the game.

Just a thought.


I feel as if every game now a days released have some sort of bugs some are far worst than others, this one is low on that totem pole…I mean look at 7 days to die :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


There are bugs\glitches, and then there are game-breaking bugs and glitches.

Robots clipping through barn walls to kill you, and then knocking you through the wall to the outside, with all doors closed. That is simply idiotic, and destroys tactical game play.

The .50 sniper rifle scope simply disappeared from my inventory–poof! Pretty depressing, as no other rifle scope will fit—and that is also idiotic.

Many bunker quest lines glitched beyond redemption. Why do I have to put something in a slot, for Pete’s sake, in order to use it?? Why can’t I just hover over it and press [Y] on my Xbox to grab it?? Makes no sense whatsoever. Slow and awkward.

Why are there so many types of ammo, when the FMJ is very usable for everything? Why is there a different type of 9 mm for submachine guns, when they take the same ammo as the 9 mm handgun?? Why is my traverse using a scoped weapon slower than the movement of the robots?? Geez, that is pure nonsense.

This game simply wears you down with glitches and bugs and poor design until you give up playing, and deeply regret the $40 that you wasted on it, and the hours that you played, with hopes of the game improving, instead of getting worse.

So much potential squandered on rushed and poorly implemented design and sloppy execution. It’s like a rough diamond that shatters while being cut. It’s sad.


I’m very much trying to be patient and I’ve got some bugs I can “deal” with such as stats reset to zero, only getting flashlights from loot bags, inventory rearranging after picking up a weapon etc. But when I can’t progress missions that were deleted from my quest log after backtracking to pick them up again I’m simply stuck. With no way to progress means no way to play. I also feel like a jerk cause I convinced a friend to buy this game so we could play together but since I can’t play he’s on his own which sucks.

I steered clear of FO76 and Anthem only to be fooled into this mess. Please devs give us a timeframe of when we’ll be able to play again!


What he said :point_up_2:t2: Any info on a plan moving forward world be appreciated

Yes moonmists got it in one , we should all who own ps4 let devs know specs of console , base ps4 is fine , for those who have pro u may or may not have on super sampling mode ( Enhanced mode) , im not sure having on may have effect bad or good .

That is fine. I can edit my bug report to show more PS4 specs but my PS4 Pro is not the problem. All was fine until I played co op with my friend. Imediateley after my game is broken. Missions gone etc. To be honest I think the devs or moderators should put up a PSA and let people know not to play multiplayer as it can/will break your game. Xbox PS4 and PC users are all reporting the same problem.

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The big robots glitching threw barn walls was one of the many glitches that made me uninstall for the time being

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Happened to me also. Two Hunters and 4 Ticks clipped right into a closed barn.

It was unpleasant, and one of the Hunters knocked me through the wall into the yard outside, where 5 runners were waiting, and then all clipped back outside the barn again.

Thank the gods for adrenaline…

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Ya i actual was beyond dissapointed at this point and made my final stand which i turned into a final suicide stand lol with around 20 adrenaline shots left once they glitched into the barn this final time i just stood there not trying to get away and basically gave up. Let them kill me over and over. Deleted and uninstalled. Ill try again though since i really like the concept of game. Maybe after days gone comes out.


we gave up on the missions they are all bugged. Just have fun running around killing bots with friends.