I would love a PS4 theme

I would gladly pay if there was a gz theme. To hear the game music in the home screen would be awesome.

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The full GZ OST is up on the Spotify,
link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/78BdWJwc5qHwbRRjGLBm1H

Btw, there are 4x versions of GZ main theme:

  • one heard at the organ (in-game)
  • before dev stream start
  • beta version of main theme
  • current main theme (in-game)

I have them all ripped from original sources and i listen them from time to time. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Though, not sure if i can share them publicly here.

not sure that helps.
you can change the background image but I don’t recall being able to change the music on the ps4 home screen.

For the start screen, they should use SSS’s Love Misitle F-111!!!
Can’t get any more Cyberpunk than that, and SSS was a BIG thing in the eighties.

Hell, that would suit the punk fella.

What I’m after is a background with music.
Now I have Red Dead Redemption 2 official theme for PS4. it would be nice if the devs could make one Gen Z home screen theme. Can’t imagine that should be to hard to develop. But I can’t program so what do I know.