I'd like to be able to select the skin of the gold weapons. +change color of clothes

As it is now all the gold level weapons looks like you stole them from a flamboyant pimp.
I can’t stand ‘bling’. Give us a choice of ‘roll back’ the look to any level below (or keep the shiny stuff) random/generic/custom/‘really special’ weapon skins overall would be nice.
Picked up as normal loot… or heck I’d even buy a DLC just to take away the chrome from My AK-4 and AK-5, and have them look like LVL 1 to 4 in the ‘outside’, same with scopes

Also the clothing. You have, lets say 15 jackets in the same category. Most look decent but have no +stats you want.The one that have +stats you want have an insane color. Either let us change stats, or add one of each +stat to all the colors …or simply let us change from already acquired colors.

It’s low priority now, I know. But for the future I’d love to see that happening.