Idea: Car alarms


coming here to post by the suggestion from a comment from one of my reddit posts.

one of the ideas i had to add into the game would be cars with car alarms. u could upgrade the tech tree to be able to identify these cars, and possibly use an EMP, well aimed shot (car battery?) or something to disable them.

just one of the ideas i have had while playing :slight_smile:


This is an awesome idea! Really hope they implement it.


Car alarms where not that general in 80’s.
But still good idea, and sake of the game should be allowed. Just random cars. Like every game session car entities are randomised. So alarm wont be in the same car always.


It’s a pretty cool idea, you’d have to consider risking looting a car vs. the alarm going off attracting enemies.


The game is set in 1989, so more cars had car alarms, but some still did not. So as people have said, this is an okay idea.

Edit: Apparently plenty of cars in the 80’s had car alarms, but more so cars that were manufactured in Europe. So this idea would make complete sense.