Idea for a new feature

Hello !

Let me start by saying GOOD JOB DEVS :smile: . The game is really fun.

Now to the idea:

While playing with friends we often separate into groups when looting houses .
The problem that we faced many times was : Did we check that place ?
What we tought would be veeeeery usefull is an ability to “draw” on the map.
For example if i was able to cross-out already checked areas/houses it would make looting/exploring much better in my opinion.

I’m courious about your thoughts about this feature.

Best regards,


You could just have the game path trace or do it automatically, the problem there is coding that, you need to have alot of systems implemented just to do that.

Drawing on the map is a neat work around, maybe simplify it to a set of stamps / stickers you could place. Some as instructions for tactics, some as markers for poi’s or we have done this area. You could even have them done ain an 80’s style, given stickers were really popular with kuds back then.


i think the ability to leave custom marks on the map would be very helpful. not just a way point or two. let us put multiple notes to keep track of where to find or avoid certain things