Idea for a new machine

The Tank is currently the biggest walking machine in the game. Russia likes making big things. There are Russian machines already in the game. See where I’m going with this?

What if an absolutely massive machine was added to the game. Maybe something looking along the lines of a Tripod from War of the worlds. The story behind it could be something to do with Russia updating the A.I. system used to control their other bots. They make a new machine and ship it to the island with the objective to destroy all Swedish and rouge Russian machines while protecting any human survivors.

I was thinking, maybe it could be a rare thing to encounter. Because it would be hostile to all machines and is also really powerful, it might show up only as a rare rival that when spawned would attack everything but the player. How it could work is it would lower the region threat level making it harder to spawn the Reaper. This would give the player two options. 1. Leave it alive and follow it around to make it easier to get loot or 2. destroy it and only when attacked by the player will it become hostile to you. It would be a hard fight but it would drop some good loot.

I tried to come up with ways to balance it while still keeping it a fun idea but Idk. What do you think?


bigger machines would be cool (even if they were just out of map decoration sorta thing)… i remember the first time I’m driving through the more northern part of the map shitting myself cause of how many bigger unknown machines were around and even fighting themselves… first time encountering the big boi drones gave me ptsd

A soviet reaper would be interesting , if this was a rare spawn would add to it , I don’t know how this would balance though.

Normal REAPER vs Soviet REAPER Will be cool

Bigger, more complex machines would be appreciated.

It could be the hovercrafts that brought the Soviet machines. So you would encounter them along the coastal regions that have the Soviet machines. But it would be a Soviet machine that attacks like the Soviet machines do now, attack humans and the Sweden machines.

The hovercraft would have it’s on defensive weapons but it’s main objective is to get on shore far enough to deploy more Soviet machines and can make it as far inland as the farmlands. If the craft makes it far enough inland in one piece, then deploys a number of Soviet machines of the type that are already in the region. If it gets to deploy machines, it will be like a swarm attack of all sorts of Soviet machines.

But the deployed sites are marked on the map just like control points, instead of turning into Fnix control points, they are Soviet control points and can be captured and turned into base defense positions that help defend the hovercraft from reaching its goal. If the hovercraft encounters a resistance base before it gets to deployment stage, then it stops and starts releasing waves of Soviet machines just like the waves of Fnix machines. But to stop the waves you must destroy the craft. This would work well in the two coastal regions with no fnix bases, the marshlands and the North Coast. Which is also where the Soviets have landed.

But you cannot trigger when the hovercraft arrives. To know the hovercraft is coming, you set up a detection device that must be crafted, that lets you know a hovercraft is in the area. The remote detection device can be destroyed, that is why you must craft it.

This fits in the advancements of the Resistance movement story line and you could feel like the resistance is making a difference in the fight against the machines taking over.

Any ideas for a soviet reaper?

Blabla to explain the difficulties

I think it’s difficult.
The reaper is an improved version of the strongest swedish machine.

To compare the soviets with the swedish to get an equal enemy:
Lynx is between Runner and Hunter.
Wolf is between Harvester and Tank.
Firebird is a class of its own, as it is very strong in weapons, light in armor but very hard to hit because of its speed, distance and the just short gaps between its shots.

A simple reuse of the reapers recipe isn’t the solution.
A firebird with 4 shield generators? No way! No matter what its super weapon is. It’s too agile.

The main difference between soviet and swedish machines is that the soviets have just light armor and little health (or easy to hit and to destroy components/weakpoints) but strong and fast weapons that are hard to dodge or take cover against.

One part of fighting the reaper also are the called in reinforcements (runners). They come like all small swedish machines come…from somewhere above.
That’s not applyable for the soviets.

The soviets just have what they come to the battle with. The Wolfs just drop the carried Lynxs.

Lynx themselves and firebirds cannot call in reinforcements out of nowhere.

Let’s take a Wolf as base for a soviet reaper instead.

That could work better, although I don’t feel danger if meeting a Wolf, compared to the reaper or even a tank. But maybe that’s what it make use off.

“Babayka” could be its name. (Russian “Boogeyman”, maybe known from John Wick movies)

It is silent in movement, comes along with smoke launchers to hide it’s position, heavy armor, self healing ability (improved components), 4 “black class Lynx” which can be repaired after destruction by the improved self healing ability of Babaika. The gattling could be changed to one of the firebirds guns (speznaz) and it should have rocket launchers AND mine throwers (all weapons indestructable).

What do you think?

I like my hovercraft idea…of course!! Mainly because it makes sense and fits into where the game is at now. We all know the Soviet machines came to shore via hovercraft. Why not make them live?
But I would like to add, the hovercraft can not be destroyed till the big doors on the bow open up to deploy the machines inside. And has it’s own self defenses. Like twin 50 cal turrets and rockets with mortars. Uses the same self health the wolves have. I like the smoke screen idea, maybe use on hovercraft so it can deploy it’s cargo. Then you would see lynx and wolves coming out of the smoke and maybe a firebird or two in a single wave. After deployed and smoke starts to fade, players can fight off the smaller machines or go for the hovercraft.

I think that would be a Tank vs a Baba Yaga. Two legs, big body, noisy weapons. Sounds like her hut to me.

Do you mean “Baba yaga” (this russian witch)

Baba Yaga could be represented best by a firebird (flying) which is able to land and walk on it’s four chickenwings.

or “Babayka” (has many names, “Boogeyman” in most cases in english)?

A Wolf could fit him, like I described in my previous post.

No, I meant Baba Yaga, the Slavic witch. I know about her flying mortar and pestle, but I was referring to her hut, which strides around on two enormous chicken legs. It would be a misnomer in the same vein as Frankenstein, who was the mad scientist who created the monster, not the monster itself (though he was a different sort of monster). They’d be referring to her hut with the name, but wouldn’t bother saying so many words.

I’m a fan of repurposing stories to be used in new and slightly wrong ways.

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