Idea for a new weapons DLC (Western Europe)


So after suggesting some Cold War French weapons, I would like to suggest an idea of weapons DLC bringing some West-european weapons to the game.

Why adding those weapons?

  • Diversify weapons with stuff nott represented a lot in video games;

What you guys could add:

  • G11 K2 experimental assault rifle
    Here the weapons, with the loading rails cleared (no magazine).
    The G11 is an experimental assault rifle developped by Heckler & Koch in West Germany. Part of the Gesellschaft für Hülsenlose Gewehrsysteme (Association for Caseless Rifle Systems in German), this aesthetic weapon uses caseless 4.73×33 mm ammunitions. The rifle can be loaded with 45 or 50-shot “boxes” (magazines) disposed on two rails above the canon, and so has a capacity of 245 or 250 rounds. It has an integrated ACOG-like scope (can’t find any data about the zoom) and can even equip a bayonet. I propose the final prototype, the K2.

  • FN FAL battle rifle
    Ah, the FAL, do I have really to introduce it? Developed after the SAFN 49 (Belgian Garand-like battle rifle), the FAL is a semi-automatic battle rifle chambered with NATO 7.62 ammunitions. The FAL can have many attachments, and can even fire rifle grenades. I would like to propose here the basic one with selec-fire (semi or full automatic modes), with the wooden stuff and using the classic 20-shot magazines. Fun fact btw: while the Belgian FAL can be fired fully automatic, the British one couldn’t, so British soldiers often exchanged their rifles with Belgian-made ones used by Argentinian during the Falklands War.

  • SG-540
    The SIG SG-540 is a forgotten Swiss rifle developed during the Cold War to replace the SIG 510 mountain assault rifle, used by the Swiss army. Curiously, the gun wasn’t selected so it was only sold for export. Various armies of the world used it, including some Latin American armies and even the French Army, as a transition weapon between the MAS 49/56 and the FAMAS. It use the classic 5.56 NATO ammunition, with 20 or 30-shot magazines.

  • RK 62 76
    RK 62 76
    The Valmet RK 62 is a military assault rifle fielded by Finland during the Cold War. You got me there, it came from a country a bit located in Eastern Europe, but as Sweden and Finland have always being tied, seeing a Finnish rifle ingame would make sense. The RK 62 76 is the stamped steel receiver version, which resembles the RK 62 with newer style plastic furniture, but features a lighter weight receiver. The rifle fires 7.62×39 mm ammunitions, such as the Soviet AK-47, loaded up from a 30-round detachable AK magazine.

  • SPAS 12 shotgun
    spas 12
    Above with an unfolded stock, and below the full stock.
    Ah, the SPAS 12: from Half-Life to Jurassic Park, from Terminator to Grand Theft Auto, many will recognize the Italian shotgun manufactured by Franchi. Many attachments are available: tube extension, long canon, full stock. The shotgun fires 12/70 mm gauge ammunitions.

Hope this would eventually get some support, and who know, see some/all weapons be implemented a day?



SPAS 12 and the G11 would be very interesting to have, specially the shotgun.
The others however, anyone can see they are very similar to each other and to the AG4/5 already present ingame.

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id love to see the spas, im a huge valve fan, and one of my favorite games from them is half life, so seeing the spas in GZ would be awesome

:cold_sweat: the year is 2041, with more than 300 guns, :rofl: , and people wonder why they can’t get all the 5 crown in every gun :rofl::person_cartwheeling::cold_sweat: lol


:rofl: :rofl:

not saying these are a bad idea at all but I am still hunting for magazines for what I do have. this would drive me nuts LOL

Oh man, the SPAS 12. A more iconic 80’s shotgun is hard to find. The subject pops up every now and then when we stream and talk about shotguns. I’d love to see a version of it in GZ.


The G11 sounds interesting, too…or better: Looks interesting. The time of its invention fits. The only negative aspect about it is, that it’s not very well known. Only 1000 of it were ever produced. In total. But on the other hand this argument is a good one for bringing it to GZ. It’s an uncommon gun, like GZ is an uncommon game.

Just the fact that it uses yet another type of ammo leaves a bad taste.

the G11 could use whatever rounds that are already ingame. exp gun chambered in whatever they choose. thats the fun of a game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course that’s true.
But that’s not what the devs used to do.
(Looking at you: at-wad)

In short: until now they tried to give us weapons based on real ones using the ammo the real ones use. Only counter-example is the splitting of 9mm into pistol and smg ammo… But that’s probably a design-descition.

Remember: in the beginning there weren’t as many weapons and there was no weapon wheel… There was a slot for primary weapons and a slot for secondary weapons and they surely didn’t want us to empty our backup gun (pistol) by emptying our primary gun (smg).


rather valid. never got the whole 9mm split when I started playing but just got used to it. but if they are going to add more weapons. which wouldn’t be bad, as I get bored looking at the same gun after a while, they should stick what is already ingame. adding more ammo then there already is would get annoying. plenty of diversity there. I mean if you want to get really technical the M4 copy can be chambered in literally any round just by switching out the receiver. the M4 beowolf 50cal is a example. 556 to 50cal as quick as you can handle the weapon… though isnt it the N16 being a copy of the M16 which was 223? LOL

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Well, not every descition seems to have been fully understandable.


But the N16, which seems to be the GZ version of the M16, usually was used with 5.56. At least it became its standard, although the remington .223 was originally invented for the M16. The 5.56 × 45 mm just was slightly different, but more compatible to other weapons.

Please, don’t let us search every hair in the soup.

LOL no def not. its literally splitting hairs for no reason. but the G11 would be cool, chamber it in the 9x39 with a little higher dmg, high capacity mags, low recoil and call it a day. let the gun nuts freak out later. LOL. seems fair enough to me if they did such a thing.

and in the 80’s the 556 round wasnt used. the 223 was… but no no no splitting hairs LOL

Edit… I stand corrected… google be damned…

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extra storage for more weapons :rofl:


All jokes and nay-saying aside, the SPAS-12 will always get my vote for “the #1 shotgun we oughta get”…and I do love the SIG SG550-series rifles as well. The SIG does juusst make the timetable, too, I think. The 550 itself, anyway. I’d expect it to be the best of the 5.56 rifles as soon as it reached us, if it were to be added, though I might be a bit wrong to think that it would be the most accurate and most powerful of them. Just a slight difference, in it’s favor, is what I’d think.

Seriously, though, the SPAS-12, all day, every day. They could do it pump-action, semi-auto, or be able to select between the two…maybe a damage boost, when running it as a pump-action? Detachable stock, maybe? Maybe a duck-bill choke?

I’d just about kill for a Beretta 93R, with the folding ‘lever’ foregrip, speaking of Italian stuff. And they used the MG3 as well, though I’m not certain when—both of those weapons would fit the timeline, anyway.

Hate to keep going with my own ideas, but I still think this game would’ve been just about perfect to feature the HK VP70M. Wobbly piece of junk the stock for it might actually be in reality, I think it WAS basically designed to be issued to Resistance type fighters against hostile invaders…which the machines, though not all of them are Soviet, certainly qualify as. I wouldn’t expect the 93R or the VP70 to be especially effective against anything above medium size, but they would be interesting tick sweepers like the Skorpion is. Used up close and personal by a dodgy individual they’d probably do all right against Runners as well. Germany pulls the VP70s out of mothballs, air drops them to the Resistance, see how they fare…

Somebody else mentioned a lack of decent snipers, and you did mention the FR F2 before… Other person mentioned the PSG1, and I think another mentioned the MSG-90…two accurized HK G3s, either one would fit also.

Plus side, all these I’ve mentioned use ammo that is already in the game. Still adding weight, but different things to use that SHOULD be competitive ought to give a somewhat refreshed experience.

PS: Anybody ever seen the movie, ‘The Wraith’? With Charlie Sheen, and the Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor? 1986 movie about street racing punk kids out in the American South West? Bonus points if the SPAS-12 was the first DLC weapon to get an experimental version, based on the shotgun ‘the Driver’ (Sheen’s character) uses in that movie. It had a look that just screams Gen Zero, and the power to match… Double bonus points if they tossed some clothing items that look even more like what ‘the Driver’ had, too—though the FNIX challenge clothing items do come close, especially if mixed with the helmet from the Cyberpunk set…

So, I was bored so I wrote down a list of weapons that make sense to see in GZ and work for gameplay reasons, I will be using the real names of all weapons because it’s easier.

Lahti L-35 - Funky Finnish Pistol

The Swedish military still had these in service until the 1990s, so it fits timeline wise. It would be a bit rarer than other pistols, but would be easily accessible early game. It fits a niche of having a small magazine size of only 8 rounds, but a very quick and snappy reload. Would almost be a direct upgrade to the Möller

FN FAL - Right Arm Of The Free World
Any game with Cold War Europe as the setting is incomplete without the FAL. It makes sense too, as this isn’t just Sweden like it is IRL, but a more paranoid Sweden, intent on arming the population. The FAL was cheap, and produced very nearby, so it’s not out of the question GZ Sweden would stockpile these

Desert Eagle - High Power “Sidearm”

The IMI Desert Eagle. Despite it’s overkill nature, it fits into the time period (being designed in 1979), and again this version of Sweden is paranoid, there is logical reason to arm civilians with a hard hitting pistol like this. Against soft targets, the desert eagle can decimate an enemy, against the machines, it’s less effective, but great for tearing apart components

Yes, Sweden used these, yes, they were made in 1987. By the time of the game, they would have just been adopted, so they would be extremely rare, but would be very powerful, providing very good long distance damage. And also looking cool (Very important)

Browning Citori - Break Action Shotgun

Everybody wants a break action shotgun, for good reason too, they’re cool. So I introduce the Browning Citori. A staple of target shooting and hunting, a great weapon for the player who wants to run and gun while still having range. Makes up for its low capacity with a quick reload. Break it, slap in two shells, close it up.

MG3 - German Bullet Laser

In this world, Sweden is paranoid, MGs are a great defensive weapon. Of course Sweden would purchase the MG3 from their wonderful friends Germany. I would use it’s IRL designation in Swedish service (The Ksp m/94), but that version was adopted in 1994, so they would’ve had to have purchased them sooner in this universe for it to be in the game. I like this because it adds a very low mobility but very high stopping power playstyle, pretty much made for the people who go down the Vanguard skill tree

Just some ideas I had, not necessarily the best ideas, but ideas nonetheless

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It’s worth mentioning that the H&K G11 used “caseless” ammunition, and it’s where Jim Cameron got his notions for pulse rifles.

He also adored the VP-7 pistol, which I was going to mention separately, but it makes as much sense to park it here.

If it did get used, it would have to fire the same way it was designed. That is with 3 rounds being fired before the recoil from the first round of ever felt.

Three-round-burst, at 2100 RPM. Full-auto, cut down to 460 RPM. The G11 was pretty nuts, even crazier that it did actually sort of work. If only the tech had caught on and gotten continuous development since then, we might be well beyond the LSAT/JSSAP/NGSW by now.

If they did the AN-94, they’d have to try and get the different burst and full-auto RPM rates as well. AN-94’s two-round-burst runs at 1800 RPM, compared to full-auto cut down to 600 RPM, with a similar sort of rumored “you don’t feel the recoil separately in burst mode.”

Similar ideas of “hit the same spot consecutively for better damage/penetration” and “accuracy by volume” behind both weapons, and other similar development programs of the time and before. SPIW, SALVO, etc.