Idea for an Experimental Bow

Edited with suggestions and research.

With all the snipers and guns, you would think that while bows are cool, they don’t seem like feasible gameplay.

But taking down moving targets using a bow in games like Farcry and The Forest is… Well super rewarding. Also doesn’t help that I’m a bow user irl so the bias is real lol.

Anyway here’s the idea.

Wooden longbow with small attachments in the front like pony limbs that increase poundage and stability and string dampeners to quiet the shot even more.

You dont have as many arrows as you would bullets but they can be easily made or salvaged from bodies and the environment.

The weapons purpose would be stat debuffs and dps without detection from gunshots, but if the enemy sees you that goes out the window and its all gunplay after that.

Three points that I see can be craftable off the top of my head would be…

Thermite Points- A dirty mixture put in a shaft and can be attached by magnets, it will release a solution used to burn holes into the armor and create smoke. Taking out components easy while acting as a small scale flare.

Wraith Points- Direct hits will can hack certain tier or weakened robots to fight as allies or serve as distractions as you slip by, also fire into a wall to cause an investigation of that object.

Hawkblade Broadheads- Aluminum heavyweight broadheads designed to specialize in creating high momentum and cutting power of heavier material. Works against low to mid tier robots and exposes machinery.

Last would be a scout rifle like a 45/70 or a Springfield M1a with something cool.

What do you guys think?

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First of all great idea. But considering that you can magicly carry 10,000+ bullets 40 arrow seems a little low but if it was 40 of each special arrow and however many basic arrows you can jam into your pocket than cool. Some other types would be nice like incinatary arrow that set target on fire and where thay walk for a couple of seconds. Time delayed or remotely detonated arrows.

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That sounds fair actually. I feel like the normal arrows should probably be the traveling kinetic ones or have its own attribute to be considered “believable” by the audience at large.

But incindiaries? Arrow shafts wih a goo that releases and jams up the system upon impact causing slow response? Explosives?

Hellz yeah.

Bows are exceptionally fun in theHunter: Call of the Wild, so the tech is there and easily available.
I’m all in with bows and different variety of points.

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Yeah this would be a cool addition especially for crafting parts and accessories

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You need a basic version before it gets an experimental version.

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Would you vote for a basic version of a bow?

Given the current state of crafting material availability - I can see this working. However, it’s not exactly 80’s Sweden, Machines take over, I’ll get my bow…it’s got to be placed into the game - much like the 5* AI-76 in the boat, the 5Klauke in the Police Car, to the 5 m46 before the north most bridge…it would have to be special.

In terms of “new weapons” I think the melee will be the last we see for a while - potentially experimental version of 1 maybe, one day…maybe. Its in the same boat as the Pontus Magnum.

A special event would be a clever work into the game - much like the KVM59, which has now become regular loot drop so those new to the game could get it down the line. So working back further - how do you implement a bow into the game?

I’d say a mission DLC pack - which guarantees a bow at the end with paid DLC. The magic here - is that those who pay for it, won’t part with it so it becomes the new holy hand grenade in value for trade. Id look at all the materials available in game, look at some references to military and home made bows in Sweden around the 80’s and see if anything stands out and could fit the game.

Come back with anything you find - Paul’s on livestream Wednesday and loves ideas like this. Worth getting in the chat and say your bit.

Well doing a ton of research and using my experience as an amateur bowyer, I can say that there are some viable options.

So, first let’s talk items to harvest. Against robots and such, you’d need heavyweight arrows that will punch through more vulnerable metal and take a beating from landing on hard areas.

Though I’m as traditional as they get with that stuff, one thing comes up.

Aluminum. It is known for its high weights and its ability to bend without much shattering o be reused compared to it’s wooden and carbon counterparts.

Harvesting an aluminum like shaft, then using titanium or metal parts for crude heavyweight broadheads would make the most sense if you know what to look for, as well as plastic for vanes and adhesive.

Everything else could be turned into different arrowheads. Maybe certain rounds or something of that nature can be crafted into ammo for the bow.


Compound bows were becoming very popular during the 80s, especially for hunting due to it’s compact design and strong fps.

However there is another design that REALLY loves heavyweight arrows.

The Miꞌkmaq war bow.

This is a smooth drawing, heavy shooting bow with a strange design made for weight adjustability. Although this isn’t native to Sweeden, who’s to say some bowyer/history buff didn’t experiment with various designs.

If he/she were to take a Homelgaard bow design from his neighbors (the Danish) which is known for fast arrows and energy efficiency without recurving the tips, then putting a mechanical pony limb or even a wooden pony limb that increases the poundage up to about 30 lbs without ill effect and letoff to the main bow… You get a kind of crazy traditional style compound.

This would launch heavy arrows with resilient single bevel broadheads/bodkin hybrids designed to punch through armor with maximum efficiency.

Especially if said arrows had a way of increasing momentum with no ill effects from air resistance or drop off during flight.

Gameplay Mechanics

It would be like Farcry where you would aim up or down depending on the target and let math take care of the rest.

.Incredibly silent compared to its counterparts
.Perhaps it can directly damage components with moderate power, as trade for difficulty in shooting? Especially when shooting from longer distances with the Hawkblade Broadheads?
.Ammo can be crafted and reused after battle
.Different debuffs easily accessible for arrows
.Raises the chances for harvesting materials

.Slow loading and firing
.Not ideal for up close or direct battle
.Arrows take time to hit the opponent making it difficult on moving targets
.Not easy to find like bullets
.Capacity not as high as bullets
.No scope available

It definitely wouldn’t be as quick and immediately powerful like a sniper and such. But you could kill something off a ways without a thousand guys coming at you with a crapload of incendiary and high piercing arrows.

So how would the silence of the bow help in the game. Even now silenced shots outside of machine hearing range they calculate trajectories incredibly fast. And pinpoint your location really fast.

Yes, metal piercing arrows are a think. But still way short of the kinetic energy of bullet.
Exploding arrows are Hollywood thing. Burning arrow with napalm or/and white phosphorous.

But much better and possible idea than melee weapons was.

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We’ll go in order here.

So silence plays a big factor. Otherwise it wouldn’t be an option, and a viable one at that. However silenced firearms would still make noise especially within a range of 20 or so meters.

Bows would make considerably LESS noise, especially with string silencers and heavy arrows taking most of the potential energy stored in the bow. Which means you would literally have to be five paces from me to hear me shooting.

So lower field of detectability while shooting is a thing. I can take a borg out, or destat them, while next to another borg who doesn’t see me with more success than any other weapon. Rivaling a silenced moller pp.

Now I definitely agree with you on kinetic energy isn’t enough to go through though arrows use momentum to put the hurt on objects.

Heavy broadheads then should be used to punch through exposed components and thinner metal areas with moderate damage since they can blow through a thick car door.

White Phosphorus though… Yeeessss…

The arrow shaft’s hollow tubing could fit the solution and the head could be fitted with a magnet meant to stick on the metal casing while the phosphorus or a thermite is released burning through metal. Enough of it will create a big enough hole to shoot anything from bullets to broadheads at the wiring.

Ill do an edit.

Even this is modern tech, might be nice idea as experimental version to game.
Compound bow with magazine.


Do it with this design and Id be cool. I honestly like the idea of pulling it out the quiver.

Its a primitive compound but iff you high tech it enough it would work

I think something retro is gonna be needed

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