Idea for something new

Okay, so I just now thought about this what about a struggle animation were a runner pins you on the ground and it becomes a quick time sort of thing. I got this idea from The Long Dark a game I highly recommend for survival game players.

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What’s a “quick time sort of thing”?

I had a runner step on me once (I was hiding) does that count?

Yah, when your just walking along and your suddenly pinned. You have seconds to act, if you hit the button displayed on screen you can throw it off. So kind of like a dangerous hunts sort of thing for anybody who has played that.

Idea for something New - fix a few bugs, now that would be new :slight_smile:

No its like when you have to rapidly press a button or have a limited amount of time to press certain buttons


Bitter, Alan, bitter… :))

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Yeah they have fixed quite a bit of bugs since release.

It could also work really well with the hunter when it pins you down with the spike arm. You would take more damage the longer you’re under it, and a QuickTime event would be awesome!