Idea: Machine Bike

So I had an idea. Everyone is saying that a faster vehicle isn’t feasible because it would make too much noise and attract the machines to your location. So here’s my selling point on a faster vehicle that is hard to acquire. So in the game your character already shows a basic understanding of the machines that roam Sweden (taking parts from them to make different vision modes for your weapon optics) I would like to add a bike that follows the same premise. So we have machines that can fly or are faster or more powerful, you could take parts from them (rare drops, I would say maybe a 1 or 2% chance that a machine drops them) and add them to your bike. The tick would make the bike more quite and a bit less noticeable but would sacrifice power making it harder to move up hills. The runner could add more speed to the bike as well as an equal amount of power but it would make you slightly more noticeable to the machines. Seekers could add maybe a basic hud to the screen, showing you enemies nearby and what types they are. Hunters could add more armor to the bike and some to you but will sacrifice speed. A harvester could add some off-roading capabilities but it would be slower and harder to handle. Then the tank would be sort of an all around upgrade, boasting everything I listed but at a much MUCH rarer drop rate (I would say maybe 0.02%) I think these would add a much more enjoyable exploration mechanic to the game while also keeping the "Staying quiet) rule in place.


I’d love a new bike on the game, also salvaging parts from downed machines with a low drop rate to build said bike is also a great idea.

I had an idea for a QuadraCykel. In essence, 2 normal Cykels, bolted together on a steel frame with a KVM89 bolted onto it. I did a little feature on it here if you fancy taking a look. ( 39:00 )


Mg bike sounds cool af, would definitely be a cool idea

I think a new vehicle would be a welcome edition.

Even though the concept art did have a scrambler in it - a vehicle to transport multiple players at once would be fun

A tandem bycicle :rofl:


Or you could take the engines from seekers, say, 12 of them, bolt them together, add some wood and a chair, and boom, you have a hovercraft :wink:

Yes, with the ability for the person at the back to still be able to shoot but reduces the bike speed

And, GRG / RLG rounds shot backwards give you a boost forwards

I’d rather just have some sort of relatively conventional vehicle. Perhaps a car modified to use the silent propulsion tech that the machines use.
Perhaps two or three different ones that can be upgraded and modified.