IDEA - New Soviet Boss

My Idea For A New Boss

The Tsar
Faction - Soviets
Type - Arachnid
Class - Tsar Class

I was thinking of a massive drill/spider like soviet boss called the tsar which could be in a cave (like the Broodmother’s cave off of the game Grounded) and you have to summon it with a special soviet relay beacon. When summoned it would drill out of the ceiling into the cave and it would have 8 massive legs and a massive drill under it’s head. The colour theme would be a dark red/purple.

It would summon lynxes and maybe smaller versions of firebirds each with the dark red/purple colour theme. It can Slam into the ground and would start to shoot you with a minigun on top of its head when low health (like the wolfs).

Maybe it could have a new 7 crown class of weapon which is red in colour theme and the weapon would be the bosses drill.

feel free to reply in made this in 10 minutes :smile:

Hmm… no thanks, no more russians machines and the russian boss is enough imho…

So no need for a new “Tsar” and definitely no need for 7* weapons… At least for me… :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for responding. I thought it would be cool to add a Soviet Boss as the FNIX faction has one but the Soviets don’t, I thought about it dropping a drill as the Reaper Tank has its own exclusive sledgehammer drop and it being a 7* weapon because for me I must have about 6 of each experimental 6* weapon and they just seem to common for me now.

How should 7c weapons be called?

One crown is dilapidated,
two crowns are worn,
three crowns are good,
four crowns are exceptional,
five crowns are special and
6 crowns are experimental.

More qualities don’t fit in the logic they used, I think.

A soviets boss machine should definitely come.
But along with it GZ would need some major adjustments in the region score/level- and rival-system. And for bases.

Currently it’s just random, with regions in the north having greater chances for soviet rivals and regions in the south having greater or even exclusive chances for FNIX rivals.
Everything you do affects the one and only region score. It doesn’t matter if there are just soviet rivals…if you destroy them, you reduce the region score and therefore your ability to get a FNIX reaper. On the other hand, even killing just soviet machines increases the region score for becoming able to get a reaper.

It’s weird. What GZ needs are seperated scores/levels for soviets and FNIX which affect each other. And if just the soviet score is in the range for being able to spawn a reaper/boss, then we should get a soviet boss machine.

Finally you see, it’s not just a machine… There would have been so much more to do which probably needs all of the team to make it real… But I hope for it.

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I completely agree that they need to change the way rivals work and I get that it would take a lot of time I’m just thinking of ideas and I thought it would be cool if you could summon the boss instead of waiting for it to spawn.

The 7 crown weapons could be called Vintage or Ancient or Antique, it could be a class of weapons that are old.

It could just be called the experimental drill and not have the new class but it would be cool as the Reaper has its own experimental melee weapon.

Your 7 crown definition doesn’t fit in the row.
You see, the higher the crown, the higher the quality of the weapon.
Your definition for 7c seems more to be a zero crown class.

On the other hand, if it’s just a machines weapon, why are we talking about its class? It doesn’t matter for non-player-weapons. :wink:

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You can scrap what I said about the 7c Weapons, The Boss could just drop a weapon called the Experimental Drill. When I say drill I don’t mean a power tool I mean like this…

7c Weapons could be named Validated, Evolution or Chosen.

Interesting - there is no soviet comparable to the reaper. maybe something that could fly and land and make for good hunting in the mountains. I don’t feel I need any more experimental plus weapons - really enjoying the new weapons upgrades. Would like to do something more with the flamethrower - exploding fire projectiles perhaps. Also would love some radiation protective gear - enhanced protection against runners in himfjall.

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Here is an idea I posted some time ago in another topic:

Maybe the mini firebirds it summons could have flame throwers as their weapons. I was thinking since there is a massive island to the top right of the map that there could be a massive cave area added and the boss arena where you summon it with a soviet relay beacon would look like the brood mother cave off of grounded.

Love the Idea, maybe instead of a rival/boss that announces when it spawns and where it is on the map, your idea could have a rare chance of spawning more common at the northern half of the map and at night time (Like the Skeleton horseman in minecraft)! It’s weapons could also be silent and its lights could be red to make it more ominous and spooky.