Ideas for a new Russian machine

this is an idea for a new Russian machine called the медведь or bear

Looks to me a bit like an assault gun or mobile artillery piece on legs. Not a bad idea to start with.

Something with mobility like a Harvester, but no reinforcement call-in? Instead of calling for reinforcements, it’s got the firepower and offensive focus of a Tank—just more indirect fire than direct, or maybe still a mix?

I had an idea, once, that if NATO ever dropped in some sort of machine, it ought to be a high-mobility sort of thing… Wheeled, but not like just a car or a truck. More like a Hunter, Runner, or Harvester, but on skates. Possibly omniwheels, or Mecanum wheels—which, as I look again, I see are sometimes called “Swedish” or “Ilon” wheels? So, maybe a more suitable idea for a new Swedish machine, instead… Something that can move about like the Soviet Lynx, just not with a single ball-tire but instead multiple legs, multiple wheels.