Ideas for new clothing


Hello to everyone , feel free here to say , what types of clothing you would like to see added in the game in this discussion .
•√Ok I personally would like to see in the game a business man suit (a simple black jacket , a white shirt , simple black pants, simple black glasses and black shoes ) (I mean a Hitman style business man suit )
•√Also I would like to see a Gp5 gas mask and some others soviet gas masks added in the game .


Heels! High heels!!! :rofl:


Pippi Longstockings wig! Nooo, that would be silly. A working bullet-proof vest would be nice.

Additional details: A bullet-proof vest will gradually degrade when being shot upon thereby loosing the ability to protect the wearer. New plates could be looted from the dead soldiers and policemen one encounters.


Lord’s Tacancka armor would be also cool


I’m partial to asthetics featuring that Merc/nerd…like Drake’s fortune, tomb raider, and Indy had. Like map journal. Rope, flare or grenade and gun holster. Fit with magazine slots to showcase the Soviet design. Maybe some bandages on different parts ie. arms and legs. Not tomb raider outfit thou, I’m not one for sexualized females in videogames. I’m wanting functionality and the vibe: like kids went away on hunting trip but after 1000 days in a robot apocalypse they find themselves alittle more prepared.


I’m still waiting for blue greatcoats with yellow cuffs, white breeches, yellow vests, and of course tricorne hats (or better yet a karpus). Sweden is just not the same without karoliner.


Superhero cape
Hockey mask
Link style tunic
Halloween masks (the old cheesy kind with the elastic)
Energy dome hat

Not all for the same outfit