Ideas for the future

So my friends and I have came across Gen Zero on game pass recently. We F-ing love the game and hoping for the future of the game. I am sure it has been talked about already but I kind of have some ideas that I wanted to see how other people felt. I am only going to post 2 for now maybe make some new topics later.

1st I am hoping for more levels to our character in the next expansion. Possibly 4 to make it level 35 shouldn’t make our characters to OP right. The build I have would be complete if I had 4 more. Plus the few that i’ve seen cover this game have talked about wanting more levels. Hopefully this happens.

2nd a new weapons pack would be great. I figured since we are looking at weapons from the 80’s there could be a British weapons pack. The L85 assault rifle. Be a cool addition to the game. The L86 Lmg conversion cause who wouldn’t want another Lmg but this one would be magazine fed, maybe only get a full amount of 70 rounds but still be nice. Last being the L96 sniper, classic look and maybe a competitor to the 50 cal. (I know the bullet size is different) however a bolt action that can do close enough damage to the 50 cal but can be suppressed would be dope.

Anyways glad to be able to experience this amazing game and looking forward to more in the future.

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i agree with that. Also more than 4 players and a dedicated server for the game would be nice.

A dedicated server can be turned off at any time. And my xbox will take off with more than 4 players so fast the fan will spin. :sweat_smile:

What if they introduced new characters that were based off some GI Joe characters? And you’d get some items/weapons that were specific to that new character? I don’t have time to elaborate right now, but I’ll try to cook something up.