Ideas for the game

I just want to know if there will be an companion system someday i would REALLLY REALLLLY love it for example if you fight smaller / medium bots lynx runner hunters as for now you can RARELY find part of their respective class prototype military fnix apocalypse and there will be an interactable npc that can build you a friendly companion that fights whit you like for a runner to build you need to find 4 legs a head the gun the torso the tank to fuel it ofc a control or ai chip and maybe find respective special ammo for them for a hunter for example i would make it so that you neede find 2 legs 2 arms a head a controll / ai chip the torso the head the respective GUNS bc he has more the knife the tank the tick capsule to build urself one ofc you cant mix them it all must be from the same type proto fnix and so on making it hard to optain but fun to get maybe they can even carry a bit of times for you like a runner maybe 20 kg a hunter being big and strong maybe the same amount as player and also maybe you need to repair parts whit steel and other stuff or if he gets killed maybe some parts break maybe all a RNG system behind it and then you need to farm a new one

also i would really like a player owned bunker where you can hoard items and so on maybe make it an empty bunker where you can select rooms sleeping room crafting room controll room but most important STORAGE ROOMS dedicated to store LOATS and LOATS OF items ammo weapons and so on also maybe add a sleep hunger and thirst system the sleep gives you slight bonuses to speed and recovery of stamina

also the idea of enemy times scorpion like enemys 8 legged releasing maybe smaller scorpions off different variety and ticks maybe too and also a new reaper style scorpion boss we really need more variaty of enemy in this awesome game :smiley:

i overall see alot of potential of making this an even better game then it already is

i am sry for my english in this Topic i am german and also its midnight in germany atm but id like to hear ppls opinions and maybe even the opinion from some devs i know nothing of this will be easy to programm and i know you put alot of work in ur games im a huge fan of avalanche studio games but imo Generation Zero isnt even slighty at its best

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