Ideas I like see come to core Generation Zero game


I still believe that there is some good things that we could do in core game so here is some my suggestion. 1) Relay beacons need better armor, turret , respawn every 5 days ( real days so it want be a xp exploit). 2) Like beacons have similar power source, fuel source to try destroy. 3) Replayable missions with increased enemies. 4) Enter the stores to explore. 5) Small areas that you have to randomly defend to keep machines away from a item. 6) Machine hot spots ( these random areas will have tough enemies with bonus reward if you can clear them out in a certain time limit). 7) Loot parts off tanks/jets ( parts make explosives or special bullets can only get them that way). 8) Camoflauge ( military trucks should have them and just for fun have it random find that can only used for 3 times before you have find another ). 9) Machines that are camoflauge ,stay hidden until you get close then attack. 10) Random traps that are set by machines for you ( spike traps, tripwire etc…). 11) Special items that only be obtain by getting the trophies. ( extra goal for working on trophies). If you have any ideas for core game I like hear them.


These suggestions sounds really interesting, would love to see almost all of them in the game. Especially #4, I can’t believe why they haven’t stores openable. They would be the obvious choice of place to loot in a situation like this. Ok GZ don’t have food as a thing but there’s a bunch of stuff that reasonably could be found in a store. Medpacks, fireworks and gas canisters for example. The stores could be so cool!

I also really like #1-3, they would absolutely make GZ a longer play and it would be a little easier to level up ones second characters too. Especially if #3 was specifically for ones other characters, so every character had the chance for every mission, at least once :blush:


some good ideas
relay beacons respawning would be nice, they should start out normal but as you take them down they eventually pop back up stronger each time, better defended and harder to take out.


I like to see some sort of penalty for dying. Just respawn does NOT make you more careful in fights.
I think it should hurt to die, and something you want to avoid at ANY cost.

Suggestion when you die:

  • Loose a % of exp you earned. If you keep getting killed, you should loose exp. And if you dont have enough exp for all your current skills, then a skill should be “grey”, and not be used, until you gained exp enoguh again.

  • When you respawn after a death, you should not have items on you that you got since last save.
    You should respawn like you where logging in again. Your items is on your corpse, where you died, and is up for grabs for you, who ever you play with.

  • Character development
    I like to see a lot more choices developing your character. More skill, etc. BUT, its important that one character CAN NEVER get all skills. Even half the skills, is to much. No Respec PLEASE!

  • Features like sound matters and how fast you turn around to aim
    MORE of that please!!!


i’m not against some sort of penalty for dying. right now if you are close enough to a safe house you can just keep fighting till you die, respawn fight some more till you die and repeat until you slowly kill them all. yeah you win the battle eventually but it’s not very rewarding.


That is one of the reason for the penalty. If not THE reason if fact!
Well put sir.


i don’t think we should lose all of our stuff though, if i die and the game crashes or the host decides to quit while i’m off to reclaim my lost possessions, they’d be gone for good and i’d have nothing to fight with


Makes perfect sense.

However, when they fixed that. I’d like to see some kind of mechanic that respawns you, without items that you gained “since last save”.

The items should be on Your corpse, where you died, and you, and anyone, can loot it, to get the items.

If that works, is it a good idea?


yeah i think something like that could work
i die a lot but like i said, with no penalty i use death as a strategy right now
i also agree that you shouldn’t be able to get all skills on a single character but there should be a way to respec. shouldn’t be easily exploitable though. get one free respec per character then cost adrenaline to do it again, the more times you do it, the more adrenaline it costs


Again, you explain the reasons for my suggestion muuuuuch better then me!
I hope any devs reads this, among all the "waaaah I want easy! I want all stuff! waah!


Btw, is it possible to friend users here? I like these forums much better then steam and Discord!


No unfortunately you can’t friend people on the GZ forom


One easy way for penalty when you die is simply give it say 60 seconds until respawn. And/or not giving 100% health when you spawn in a safehouse. Or you need to spawn on a safe distance from the battleground. So if the fight is around a safe house you need to respawn in another safe house. And no fast travel allowed to a battlefield area. You have to run/bike.


Nice idea, but thats no penalty.

The reason for a penalty like loosing exp, or something, is that you DONT want to die, and play like.
Respawn 60 seconds later, doesnt take away the complete safety of dying.

To have to travel after you die, is a minor reminder that you dont want to die here.
However, you the risk of dying, is not a factor, when you attack something then.

Loosing, lets say 4 hours of exp, when you die, WILL make the player much more observant around danager. Which IS a feature in this game =).


that would stop me from using my deaths as a free health refill. block out the nearest safe house as a fast travel point for minute or two. i think you should still be able to use the radios to fast travel there but those are limited use anyway


A penalty for dying! Its the only thing I am good at in this game…


Escape combat gets you xp and when you die you Escape combat. You could remove that bonus and go with my suggestion. But it’s a bit unfair if you meet 4 Fnix tanks and survives the first Three, dies and before you are back your friends kills the last one.


One thing that I think would be a realistic thing to do is for Military class robots it won’t tell you that you’ve engaged in combat, due to their camo. Also I think camo cloths should provide some more cover. And I also think that every class of robot should have a unique type of robot.


@Kurnn It sounds like what you really want here is a competitive survival game with almost roguelike mechanics. I hope to hell that GZ does not become that (or at least, that that’s not the only option), as that will likely drive off a decent percentage of people who otherwise would play.

I will point out that the game does not give you back anything you used since you last saved (like the Borderlands games do for example), which is in and of itself a pretty significant penalty unless you died right near a safe house and can get back into combat very quickly given that there’s a non-negligible amount of scarcity in the game to begin with.


I think this approach is worth looking more at, with one caveat: you should get XP for kills you actually make, when you make them. Right now, you effectively get less XP for kills when you escape from combat instead of killing everything, but you get some XP regardless for just expending resources even if you escape. I think tuning that so that the bot has to die for you to get any XP from engaging it, but you get XP the moment it dies instead of batching XP until combat is ‘resolved’ like is done now would go a long way towards making things a bit more ‘balanced’ WRT death.


Mind you, I run across a lot of weapons going forward, that I don’t need as I have it already or better…