Ideas to change the level cap


So , first of all sorts for my english , am from greece . So now let’s jump into the topic .
To begin with I fully understand and agree with the devs , not wanting a player to have all the skills , but while this is fair for those that play with friends , it isn’t fair for the “lone wolves” because they must do multiple things at once . So this is my idea , When the player richt level 35 and tip pop ups (likes those when you see the plundra or the vehicle station for the first time ) that says from here and on even that the player gets levels (unlimited levels or a very big number like 200 levels / also levels after the level 35 should be harder to obtain , like the player will have to do the job of one level and half after the level 35 to get one level ) .
And also every ten levels that the player gets will give him one piece of unique clothing (example : when player reaches level 45 he gets bunny ears that can be equip like the clothing and when the player gets at level 55 he gets a t-shirt with the generation zero logo on it and so on )
and for every 20 levels that the player gets after level 35 he gets a skill point .
In conclusion , in my opinion this is a better system because it gives the player the option to get all the skills ( and possibly unique clothing if devs read this ) so more players will stick to the game for longer time because they will want to get all the skills and unique clothing that the game has and possible in the mean time the will also purchase the dlc ; ).
Thanks for everyone reading this ._😊


I think the good range for a level cap probably be 45 to 55 at least.


@Radiant_Flames with the way that I suggest it could be even no level cap and with this way the game would have no end , so everyone would play it until he got completely bored with the game .


What’s fun in having all of the skills points? At least having a level cap of either 45 or 55 or somewhere inbetween would give the player the majority of the skills.


@Radiant_Flames , right but with my suggestion it would have more things to do , anyways everyone agrees that the level cap should be bigger …(or infinitive ) :smiling_imp:


Well it’s down to preference than, since I don’t think that Generation Zero needs a no level cap.


@Radiant_Flames , well i think that we agree that it is on the preferences .


There’s a bunch of islands we can’t get to yet so the devs presumably have a plan to unlock those, and with that presumably the level cap will be raised as well.


@Saddletank , you are actually right , probably with a new regions more levels will come .


Is it possible that people worry far too much about levels?

Of course, a level 20 character can feel noticeably different from a level 1 character (Salvage lessens the loot busywork, no-sway skills help those who like to snipe, and so on), but level 25 or level 30 vis-a-vis level 20? Didn’t feel that much of a difference to me.

I mean, sure, my character at level cap feels more powerful than my current (level 19) character, but I suspect that having gold quality weapons and attachments on the maxed out character has more to do with that than the level difference once past level 15, 20, or so?

By that token, as far as I’m concerned, let people have all the skills. If some are worried about this, there could always be a “Only match me up with people within X skill levels of my own” control in the matchmaking dialog. Problem solved.

Alternatively, leave the level cap below what’s needed to buy all skills, but let people respec. Some skills seem to be non-obviously garbage, and it’d be nice for people not to be locked into a mistake that possibly wasn’t even theirs for the rest of their play-through.

Again as far as I’m concerned, I don’t even need “limit respecs to once a day / charge one skill point / run a quest”. Ain’t no skin off my nose if people respec every 10 minutes, as long they’re not in my session holding up the game while they do it. :smile:
Why would I be bothered if people’s idea of fun is different from mine as long as their fun doesn’t take away from mine?


But why? This is the kind of statement I always struggle with.

Suppose there is a level cap below the number needed to buy all skills.
Now the people who think they shouldn’t have all skills are happy, and the people who’d like all skills are unhappy.

Now suppose there’s no level cap.
Now the people who think they shouldn’t have all skills are happy (because they can just stop buying skills before they have all of them), and the people who’d like to have all skills are also happy.

Notice the difference?
Your solution serves only your group, and is happy to sacrifice the other group’s fun.
The other solution serves everyone.

I think in these cases, the less restrictive answer is always the right answer, as it serves both camps, where the more restrictive answer throws one party under the bus when there is absolutely no need to do so.


how bout if they keep the xp going and allow us to reset our skill tree every couple of thousand xp, once we hit the cap, and redistribute our skill points across different skill trees. That way the devs can keep the cap in place and we can experiment with different skill sets without having to start from scratch with a new character. Any thoughts?