Idiot hour in noobtown again (change MP joining settings)

Please please pretty please make the default setting for multiplayer Invite Only so I don’t have to spend ages joining games with players who want to be left alone and work out how to kick before you can explain how to not leave their game open to everyone. It’s driving me bloody insane. :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :angry:


Another evening and another shit ton of eejits who find how to kick but not how to set to invite only.
How about some actual matchmaking too. New players seem to be shit scared of high level players joining in and rather quit than play with other players.

Also, what happened to the disconnect messages that actually say why you were disconnected. Whatever reason, host left the game, you were kicked etc, I always get the error message saying You were disconnected from the multiplayer session. That is the one and only disconnect message, certainly that I get since Landfall.

I’m not playing multiplayer at all, have set it to “off” (?) or invite only a long time ago…

But I’m curious to how it works when you are trying to join:

First of all, do you have to make your game open for other to join, if you want to be able to join others?

When you try to join a “open game”, can you choose between some possible sessions or will you just be connected to a random game?

If you want to play with you pals, how do you invite them? Must be on same platform, that I understand, but then? Is there a “mechanism” in GZ that you use or Xbox/PS/steam to do the connect?

Your game setting have nothing to do with joining someone else’s game. The HOST sets the Multiplayer to anyone can join and that is how you are matched to a game. The host then can kick you if they don’t want you in the game, which is very common, more so since the landfill update broke the friend invite part of match maker.
The default setting is, or was, “invite only” when you first start the game the first time, so a player has to go in and change that setting.

In the past you could set the game to invite only, look to see which friends are on line and click them to send them an invite. If your game was set to “anyone can join” then a friend could see you are playing GZ, and join your game without an invite, if there was room.

If you are just looking for a co-op game with anyone there has never been much of a choice on picking a game. To find a game you can make a few selections but if any of the selections are not met, you are dumped into just a game. If you get kicked out then you are defaulted back into that same game, sometimes over and over. There is not much you can do about it. Sometimes you can select from 1 player to any number to 4 and you could land in a game with just a host, then two other players join or you can land in a game with 3 players.

But if you are getting kicked out of a game you can’t really do anything but keep trying till that host’s game is full and then you may find another game, but it could take several minutes or you spend hours trying.

If a host has left the game running but is AFK then you can get stuck on a map with nothing left on it. Players come and go and destroy everything they can find. There is not much you can do but keep trying to join another game, Almost never happens. If you really want to play, host a game or play solo is the only choices left most the time.

What sucks right now is even if the host doesn’t kick you, you spend a few minutes or more, find a good game and then something happens like the game crashes and you start the search all over again.


This is THE bugbear of this game imo. I can live with everything else. I can even recommend the game to other based on how gorgeous and fun it is and despite all its failings. But this one thing I cannot get past and it is the one reason why I can’t recommend this game to others. I’m just sure most players with a multiplayer background would not stand for what GZ presents as a multiplayer “lobby”. The lobby system belongs back in the day portrayed by the game.


I’ve edited the title to reflect the issue. And edited your posts a bit… Please try to mind your language while on the forums.

But for the topic itself, I agree. I’m not a big fan of the current multiplayer system.
A lobby or session list would work so much better, but I’m unsure how to accomplish that since the system is peer-to-peer instead of dedicated servers.


p2p should not be an obstacle to a lobby system. A host signs a session up as open to join and is broadcasting its availability to a matchmaking service. As the GZ system has matchmaking options there has to already be a service/server running that collects the session info and re-transmits those broadcasts to clients that want to join. This information just has to be collated and presented to the players. If you can have a session list for private servers you can have a session list for p2p connections. Look at a game like Conan Exiles for example. All games run on private servers, sure some servers are official servers but the principle is the same.

But even if this never became a reality, as a bare minimum when starting/continuing a game you should be presented with a single player, open multiplayer or invite-only multiplayer game option. That’s not rocket science to implement. I’m sure someone among the devs could knock such a solution up in two hours max.

This is more about actually getting the game development across the finish line and leaving the game less half-done. You know, there are early access games that are in a more finished state.

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AFAIK Hunter: COTW is Peer to peer the same way GZ is. Hunter COTW has a lobby list when in the MP tab. Though I never checked how it worked after looking at it.

I see no reason that GZ could not have a similar system. Especially since the games are about 1/3 of eachother already.


+++ on this request. Later weeks this has become extremely annoying.

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Ok. Enough is enough. I give up.

Tonight I managed to educate one person after I rejoined the same game and got kicked 14 times in a row before I was given enough time to type “please wait” and give some instructions. And this player was level 31 with thousands of kills.

I think it’s time to shelve this game. I might look at it again in a year’s time but this is turning into a waste of time. I simply havent got the time to spare to sit 15-20 minutes between games trying to get into a game that isn’t hosted by some d**k who can’t take 60 seconds to learn the basics about hosting a game.

Love what your picture profile represents, :ukraine: .

But what exactly is the problem here?
You can play the entire game SOLO.
And you can find players to play with at discord.
You can also block anyone from joining your session.

Solo gets boring imo. I prefer meeting people and having fun together.
I don’t discord.
Blocking players doesn’t really address the issue.
Sure, I jump in on my map and we blast a few reapers and some base defense but there are evenings when traffic is slow and nobody joins so I join other open games. And so it starts over again, fools who want to play on their own but leave their game open to anyone.
It’s so annoying when the resolution is so easy. Just Default the multiplayer setting to Invite Only. Maybe even some “tooltip” that explains how to invite friends or open the game to all.

Oh well. Stay excellent you guys. Hope they eventually manage to fix some bugs and faults for you all but I’m out. o/

Slava Ukraina

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