Illuminated red dot in Red Dot scopes

Could we have a proper illuminated red dot instead of a red blob in Red Dot Scopes?

This is how it should look like:

The same key that is used to change vision mode could change the dot brightness.


Yes please, it´s something simple and does not trespass any type of hardware limitation, even old consoles and PC´s from the 2000´s can handle it fine.

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Surprisingly, i newer noticed Red Dot having this issue. :thinking: But i see the value of brighter illumination, especially during day-time. :slight_smile:

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This has been around since day one and there is at least one bug report, or feature request made to fix this. 2 years later, no change.

Lets do this?

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Yes. Because of this and the slow ADS mouse movement, the red dot is almost entirely useless as of now.

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It does have it’s uses though. It gives you 2x zoom. :slight_smile:

Also, when i’m using it, i don’t aim my shots according to the center dot. Instead, i’m looking bullet traces.

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All the weapons I put a red dot scope on are automatic weapons. I use the X2 zoom to see my target better and then I also look at where most the rounds are hitting the target. I don’t keep the dot on target but where the rounds are hitting the target.

I think the dot could change to different colors once I start firing and it would take some time for me to notice it. But if it became to bright I would notice and I think a lot of players would be writing in about how bright it was. 2C

I find a way hard to use red dot beacause of slow ads movement, it’s good for a distance target but at close range is useless. Ideas for add feature to change scopes on/off without need to enter the inventory it help a lot.

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Hi Skeith, I only use red dot scopes on the machine guns, which most the time I fire in short bursts to put more rounds on target. Close range I shot off the hip so I can continue to run and dodge fire but I do use the red dot to keep the spread a little tighter at times. There is an adjustment in the setting so you can tailor the movement speed closer to your needs.

But I also use a gaming mouse that I can adjust the DPI on the fly. Hope it helps and you can better enjoy the game.