I'm about to play a Football Game

Truly off topic.

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That reminds me of how my friend and me had a football (soccer) match in Generation Zero. We first used bats for trying to get the ball into the goal, but quiet fast it went unfair.
First my friend took his klauke for shooting at the ball when I was faster than him. Then I did the same, but with shock ammo. :rofl:

He didn’t find that as funny and took his granatgevär. Game over, we didn’t find the ball again. :crazy_face:

Once i tried to play baseball with a friend in GZ… using hand grenades… it didn’t go well :crazy_face:

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We lost but I got a sack on the QB 18-6 our pass coverage needs to get better

I’ve only seen a few American football games here in UK but I get the excitement, I used to play football / soccer years back, anyhow the archipelago has a football pitch , shoot the ball :v::joy:

Thanks for posting in the correct section :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sorry to hear you lost. American Football is brutal. Do be careful!

Thank you man I got a little injured. Just hurt my shoulder and chest ita fine.